Don’t flop, thinking about tomorrow.

LeBron James was warned for violating the NBA’s anti-flopping rule in Lakers’ win over Grizzlies yesterday. So if King James does it again will the league slap his wrist really really hard?

Small mercies – COVID prototcols have at least made one February joke (I hope) less sadly accurate – NBA players buying Valentine’s Day cards by the dozen – “to my one and only.”

The daughter of the Lombardi trophy design was upset by Tom Brady throwing it to a teammate on another boat during their parade. Fortunately the pass was complete, just like 21 of Brady’s 29 throws in the Super Bowl.

But that’s only about 75% And on the other hand, many of Tom’s throws were shorter in the air, which means the Trophy had at least a 50% chance of landing in the Hillsborough river.

Darn shame they couldn’t call Trump as a witness in his own impeachment trial? Stacey Plaskett questioning him could have broken all pay-per-view records.

We know one thing about Michael Van Der Veen – he’s an ambulance chaser who makes his money with the highest bidder. So interesting to see if Dems offer him more next time? Nope, never mind, Democrats have actual standards.

Politics aside, how did Van der Veen ever win any personal injury cases?

In honor of Alex Trebek and Jeopardy. The answer: “colossal squid.” The question: “Until the record was beaten today by 43 GOP Senators, what is the largest animal without a backbone?”

So 43 Senate Republicans said today if Trump had gone back to New York one January day and shot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue it would have been a bad thing but not impeachable?

Nancy Pelosi reiterates – and it can’t be said enough – Mitch McConnell created a situation where impeachment could not be heard before January 20….and then made it his excuse for not convicting.

Mitch McConnell says “Trump was practically and morally responsible” for January 6. And Mitch’s acquittal vote says that McConnell is practically and morally a coward.22376

McConnell delaying impeachment, then saying the delay was the reason he voted to acquit, is today’s Senate equivalent of the guy who murdered both parents then asked for sympathy because he was an orphan

As a Democrat I wouldn’t vote for one of the seven GOP senators who voted to convict today. But as an American I applaud them.

A friend reminded me today that Bill Clinton got a blow job in the White House. It would be wrong to tweet his suggestion that Trump just got 43 in the Senate. So I won’t do it.

As pissed as I am, am also aware that House Impeachment managers had as good a chance of convicting with that Senate jury as O.J. Simpson’s prosecutors had with their jury.

And on an optimistic note, O.J. WAS convicted on his second civil murder trial. And did time for his third trial for stealing his own memorabilia back.

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One Comment on “Don’t flop, thinking about tomorrow.”

  1. Richard MacPherson Says:

    I read your column every day, it is my favourite thing first thing in the morning. Today’s column is the best that you have every written. It should be shared with all of America. Thank you very much

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