Spurred on

As a San Antonio Spurs fan in California, especially in the second half, I’ve watched some stressful games online this year. Tonight with a halftime score of 77-48 in Atlanta was not going to be one of those nights.

(Both teams pulled a lot of starters late and Spurs “hung on” to win by 11.


Pitchers and catchers report in 4 days. Remember when the only thing we thought about catching during spring training was a foul ball?

Not sure what ratings are like for Trump Impeachment Trial #2…. But maybe if networks could start referring to it as “February Madness?”

It’s not just what Trump said on Jan 6, it’s what he didn’t say. Arthur Conan Doyle nailed this in “Legend of Silver Blaze” – the dog that didn’t bark. Donald could have stopped the riot. At any time with a tweet. He didn’t. Period

Who says there’s not already Bipartisanism in 2021? All Senate Democrats will vote tomorrow to say that the attempted murder of a Republican Vice President is a crime.

Starting to see why Van der Veen was available on short notice for a major trial.

Question for every GOP Senator: For all you genuflect before Trump none of you will ever be as much of servile lapdog as Pence was for 4 years. And w/ first sign of VP simply saying he would uphold Constitution, Donald tried to have him killed. Think it’ll be different for you?

Also, in case anyone forgot, one Senator stuck his neck out early to be the first to support Trump – that Senator is Jeff Sessions.

Jealous now of all those students who took Jamie Raskin’s Constitutional law class.1759

How much do we all want to see Donald Trump say -“You’re Goddamned Right I ordered the Code Red on Mike Pence?”

Like most Americans, I’ve had bad bosses in my day. Even had moments when I thought “worst boss ever.” But I yield to Mike Pence today. None of my bosses ever tried to have me killed.

Jan 26, 21- Nikki Haley on Trump: “give the man a break!”

Feb 12, 21- Nikki Haley on Trump: “He went down path he shouldn’t have, we shouldn’t have followed him, we shouldn’t have listened to him, we can’t let that ever happen again.”

Nikki’s throwing Don under the bus at Trump speed.

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2 Comments on “Spurred on”

  1. K Crnic Says:

    Love the Col. Jessup reference … couldn’t be more on the money! Also, who knew that the Steelers QB moonlighted as the Sec of State in GA??

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