Urban Meyer, now the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, has hired Chris Doyle as “director of sports performance. “

Doyle left his position as strength and conditioning coach at Iowa last summer with a $1.1 million buyout after allegations of racism and bullying.

Well, considering Meyer, for starters, had no problem keeping Aaron Hernandez on his team at Florida, when Hernandez was under suspicion for a potential first murder, I suppose it could be worse.

After a brief controversy, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says the team will resume playing the National Anthem before games. And after the season is over, I challenge anyone to REMEMBER a National Anthem before games in Dallas.

Would be interesting to see what happens to National Anthems if networks were required to show it in full, and take the couple minutes out of their available to sell commercial time.

I understand that Republicans are scared of Donald and think they need him to win elections. Did they forget what happened just over 5 weeks ago in Georgia?

So if the Senate acquits Velveeta Voldemort, who will be the first senator THIS time to say “He’s learned his lesson?”

Stephen Colbert nails it, “I take no pleasure in old clips – referencing Adam Schiff’s & now Joe’s Neguse’s warning Trump will do it again” & “I will take no pleasure when he sends his supporters to sack Disneyland so he can move into Cinderella’s castle & declare himself Emperor of Fantasyland.”

Rachel Maddow reporting that Donald considered firing Bruce Castor after day one. Wonder if he was persuaded not to fire his lawyer because someone told him no one else would take the job.

Wait, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are meeting privately with Trump’s defense team? Uh, the federal government considers jury tampering to be a felony offense, one that is punishable by at least one year in prison.

CNN reports – “A source close to Trump’s legal team says defense eyeing shortening their presentation & possibly making it as short as 3 hours in effort to make it “short, tight and direct.”” Translation, they have no defense & he’s not going to pay them anyway, why bother?

Jamie Raskin “If this isn’t impeachable conduct, what is?” Sadly some in GOP have already answered that question – a blow job.

Per CNN’s 15 GOP Senators decided not to show up in Senate chamber during impeachment trial this afternoon. So does that mean we average Americans can now just blow off jury duty when we feel like it?

Jamie Raskin nails it again -“Is there anyone in this room who believes if he got back into the Oval Office, that Donald Trump would stop inciting violence to get his way? Would you bet lives of more police officers on it, would you bet the safety of your families on it?”

You all realize, if Ossoff & Warnock hadn’t won Georgia, not only would McConnell probably have found way to cancel impeachment trial, Mitch would be ramming through judges, stalling all Biden’s nominees, & be letting Lindsay Graham preside over investigation into Hunter Biden.

Here’s something I don’t get…Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence were two of Donald’s most loyal lap dogs. And he turned on both of them. What makes current GOP sycophants think it will be any different in future? Or that it won’t be worse?


Should we be shocked that the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” crowd, also now seems to believe “cult leaders don’t kill people, the people who somehow mistook their cult leader’s hateful rants and instructions for orders killed people.”

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