New kids in town

If you didn’t see many well-worn jerseys with Bucs players names on them, some #SuperBowl trivia from a friend – All 31 Tampa Bay points were scored by players who weren’t on the Bucs last year, plus the QB who threw the TD passes also wasn’t on the team last year…

The college men’s basketball game between Miami and UNC was postponed today when Shapchat video surfaced of UNC players partying, in close contact and mask-less, after the Tarheels beat Duke last weekend.

-It’s one kind of stupid to party during a pandemic. It’s a whole different type of stupid to take and post a video.

Tom Brady apparently immediately after Super Bowl texted an apology to Chiefs’ Tyrann Mathieu “for several on-field verbal altercations.” Now you REALLY wonder what Brady said to him on the field?

As Ron Wright (R-TX) became 1st sitting member of Congress to die of COVID, wonder why we haven’t heard from his colleague Michael Cloud. They worked together & were 2 of 17 Texas Reps who tried to overturn election. Cloud was also one GOP Rep who mocked mask wearers on Jan 6.

Claiming it wasn’t inciting violence to say “history is going to be made…we’re going to fight like hell…walk down to the Capitol…” makes as much sense as saying you didn’t know Gorilla Glue would permanently glue your hair.

Donald’s lawyer David Schoen has withdrawn his request to not hold impeachment trial on Jewish Sabbath. Wonder if defense team figured out just how many times Ivanka and Jared got exemptions for White House events and parties?

Amy Klobuchar on with Anderson Cooper points out that GOP Senators huddled and hiding in the room with Democrats on January 6 were worried & wondering when Trump was going to speak. They knew on that date it was “his mob.”

Klobuchar also quoted Trevor Noah about the former President – “If you get fired from Best Buy you can’t go and steal a TV on your way out.”

(Though on Jan 20 did anyone count the TVs in the White House?)

Must admit it still puts a smile on my face to see the title under Mitch McConnell’s name “Senate MINORITY leader. Thank you Georgia!

Allegations by some on Fox News that Nancy Pelosi is responsible for the assassination plot against her and other members of Congress?!! Makes theory that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election so Democrats could impeach Donald look good by comparison.

Richard Shelby will not seek re-election in 2022. So Alabama, if you’re already tired of stupid, you COULD bring Doug Jones back.

(Or, Alabama, if you have to do the sports thing, Charles Barkley would be an improvement over Tuberville. Or former Birmingham Barons outfielder Michael Jordan.)

Media already seems bored with Joe Biden’s normalcy and seems to be trying to create stories. We need a White House cat to distract them by clawing the Oval Office drapes or something.

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