Real challenges.

Robin Roberts on “The Daily Show” – “Serena Williams won a Grand Slam title while pregnant – Try that Tom Brady.”

Dallas Mavericks have stopped playing U.S. national anthem before games & owner Mark Cuban said he made decision before season started. Make sense, actually. Avoiding kneeling controversies aside, we don’t play the anthem before concerts & movies and other forms of entertainment.

So with another mass shooting, with one at least dead, this time in Buffalo, Minnesota. How long until some in the GOP interrupt their defense of Trump to say it’s too soon to talk about gun control?

The alleged killer was identified as someone “well-known to authorities before the attack.” But he had at least one gun, and was apprehended unharmed. Don’t need to see his picture to know he’s white.

Meanwhile Fox News is attacking Joe Biden’s OMB nominee Neera Tanden for her “long history of hostile name-calling against GOP” on Twitter. Uh, so is Fox really saying they think Tanden is Presidential?

Rob Portman reminded us today that Neera Tanden said “vampires have more heart than Ted Cruz.” That alone says Tanden is both smart and insightful enough to be confirmed.

A friend correctly pointed out that GOP is in a sort of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation w/ impeachment trial. But Senators could have avoided being damned in the first place if they had unified before Jan 6 in simply saying “Joe Biden won the election.”

A cat lawyer might have done a better job with Donald’s impeachment defense today.

Senator Bill Cassidy, who indicated he was against having this impeachment trial, told CNN that House manager had “a very good opening” and made “very good arguments,” so voted today to proceed. How long until Louisiana GOP votes to censure him too?

Cassidy added “I’ve always said I would approach this with an open mind and would listen as an impartial juror to both sides.” Kudos to him. But sad that the minimum expected of Americans for jury duty now looks like real courage from a Republican.

A question to pose to Republicans: How can you say what happens at the end of a President’s term doesn’t count? When at same time you say a President at the end of his term – while people were voting, as Amy Klobuchar said, “in droves,” can appoint a SCOTUS judge for life?

Merrick Garland’s AG confirmation hearing scheduled for Feb 22-23

For the “both-sides” crowd – Jeff Sessions’ hearings began Jan 10, His confirmation vote was delayed because GOP wanted to confirm Devos & they needed Sessions’ vote in the Senate. Even so he was confirmed as AG Feb 8, 2017.

You think you’ve been bored in a long day of meetings: Senators had to sit through opening of impeachment trial including Trump defense today….with no cellphones or electronic devices.Pen and paper only.

You know how devastating the video played today was when Fox News website headline is “Graphic video of Capitol violence appears to take its toll during Trump impeachment opening arguments.” And they don’t show the video.

So which one of Donald’s lawyers is Sharky McSharkyface?

So who’s going to play Bruce Castor on SNL?

Bruce Castor actually referred to “Former President Trump.” Is Donald going to fire him for that?

Remember this as impeachment trial starts & some in GOP question whether Donald’s crimes were serious enough: In 1999, Chuck Grassley, James Inhofe, Richard Shelby and Mitch McConnell all voted to convict Bill Clinton basically for lying about a blow job.

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4 Comments on “Real challenges.”

  1. K Crnic Says:

    If Neera Tanden had just insulted Cruz’s wife instead, she’d be confirmed already.

  2. Liz Harrington Says:

    I always feel better after reading your post. Thank you!

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