Super spreader bowl

I do think we are going to find out that, like Drew Brees with his torn rotator cuff and torn fascia, that Patrick Mahomes had more serious injuries than were acknowledged for this Super Bowl.

And based on the second half it probably didn’t matter. But did the Buccaneer vote the officials a playoff share?

In the first half, Sarah Thomas, a downs judge who was the first woman to work a Super, called (correctly) that the Bucs had not score on a 4th and goal at the one. But she quickly made up for it by calling the Chiefs for a 5 yards penalty “‘lined up in the neutral zone” near end of 1st half on a SUCCESSFUL field goal attempt, and the penalty resulted in a drive culminating in a Tampa TD..

So maybe someone brought her up to date on the “Brady rules?”

Seems like NFL should have a list of all attendees at the Super Bowl today Can we do contact tracing on all of them?

And on anyone flying out of Tampa Monday? For starters.


Not to say Tom Brady is getting up there, but when they asked, “Tom Brady, you just won the Super Bowl. Where are you going now?” Brady said “Depends.”

So why is Josh Hawley not demanding a recount of the Super Bowl final score?

Wonder what the portrait in Tom Brady’s attic looks like.

So small comfort but Drew Brees and Saints did outscore Tom Brady and Buccaneers 92 to 56 in three games this season.

Watching some media & unofficial ads referring to “Big Game” or “The Game” etc… if only we lived in a country where our former President took COVID as seriously as NFL takes the use of “Super Bowl” name. (Hundreds of thousands more Americans might be alive, for starters.)

Underrated best commercial moment goes to M&M’s -the guy saying – “I apologize for mansplaining – that’s when you…” And her response – “I know what it is.”

For all these conservatives who seem “Triggered” by Hunter Biden’s book contract, I missed their outrage over Donny’s book:

Since Karen was trending on Twitter once again, on behalf of several perfectly nice Karens I have known, including one black woman, can I suggest the term for an obnoxious entitled white woman be changed to an “Ivanka?”

Fox News quotes Lindsey Graham saying he believes the GOP will come ‘roaring back’ in 2022 I prefer Graham in 2016 “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed … and we will deserve it.”

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