The party’s over?

Unclear on the concept: NY Daily News headlines on the home page of their website Saturday

“‘We cannot get cocky’: Cuomo warns against Super Bowl parties as COVID numbers dip again”

Also “These Super Bowl recipes are party pleasers.”

NFL used all kinds of COVID-19 protocols to make it to Super Bowl. Now they’re having 22,000 fans & many events, in Florida, where Gov. DeSantis has fought every sensible safety measure scientists devised. It’s like celebrating making it through wildfire season with a bonfire.

Amanda Chase, a GOP candidate for Governor in Virginia, tweeted. “We have a drug problem in Virginia, and legalizing marijuana will only lead to more marijuana overdoses and deaths.” So what is a “marijuana overdose?” Going through more than two bags of Doritos?

Okay, kudos to Colin Jost on Weekend Update referring to Joe Biden’s predecessor as “Former social-media influencer.” We probably shouldn’t use the hashtag. He wouldn’t like it. #FormerSocialMediaInfluencer

So if some of these red state Governors have decided they don’t believe in mask mandates and social distancing, why don’t they turn down the vaccines and send them to blue states where we DO believe in science?

Candace Owens tweeted today she is thinking of running for President. And many comedy writers already having to work harder for material since Biden’s inaugural are going “Thank you, Jesus!”

Liz Cheney being censured by GOP for being too rational and reasonable reminds us that no one should throw away those batshit bingo cards.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s claiming credit for a successful COVID-19 response, when her state has some of the worst numbers in the country both in cases and death count, puts a bizarre 2021 spin on “Dead men tell no tales.”

Fox’s Laura Ingraham hosted Robert Kennedy, Jr on her radio show arguing that Dr. Fauci “is a very sinister guy who has turned this country over to Big Pharma.” Ingraham is 57. Wonder if she’s been vaccinated. And if she’ll admit it when she does?

I’m so old I remember when Democrats were ones being accused that we would let the radical members of our party completely take over.

Just realized I have no idea if our President has tweeted this weekend. Isn’t it glorious?

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