Unclear on the COVID concept.

Kevin Durant tweeted “Free Me” after being removed from tonight’s Nets-Raptors games due to a close contact testing positive for COVID-19.

-Seven members of Karl-Anthony Towns’ family, including his mother, died of COVID-19. Guessing they’d tell KD to STFU if they could.

$40 million for Trevor Bauer. So the Dodgers have officially become the Yankees.

So if it’s all about some made for TV spectacle why can’t NBA instead of taking real life risks, just have all the All-Stars get together for some sort of Zoom competition.

Yes – this really is a thing – from a local liquor store ad: “Certified Vegan Gluten Free Non-GMO Fair Trade Quinoa Vodka.”

Can anyone imagine what GOP would be saying if a Capitol Police officer had been killed, even in an accident, during any anti-Trump march or BLM protest in Washington DC?

Jen Psaki gets asked who President Biden will be rooting for in the Super Bowl? Good to know media is focused on the important questions of our time.

Fox News headline “Marjorie Taylor Greene defends herself in floor speech: ‘None of us are perfect.” Yes, none of us ARE perfect. But most of us haven’t publicly called for the execution of someone we disagreed with politically.

Apparently Fox News was whining over Biden flying home to Wilmington for the weekend on Air Force One. Of course, if he took Amtrak, they would be whining over him putting Americans at risk for a photo op.

Comforting on a Friday night to realize that the United States now has a President who cares about your life whether or not you voted for him.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds decision to lift state’s mask mandates AND social distancing for all gatherings starting Super Bowl Sunday is like eliminating DUI laws starting New Year’s Eve.

President Biden saying if his predecessor got intelligence briefings “he might slip and say something?’ Which might be the most gracious way ever of saying “We don’t want him to sell secrets to the Russians or the Saudis.”

At this point thinking Mexican resort where the alleged Capitol insurrectionist is planning to vacation might be justified in canceling her booking because they don’t want to expose other guests to possible terrorists.

“Supreme Court tonight in 6-3 vote blocked enforcement of some California COVID-19 rules for indoor churches. Fine, by the same 6-3 vote can they rule anyone who goes to those churches and gets sick must stay out of hospitals and rely on God to save them?

If you really want to take power from some of the true fringe politicians in the GOP, start thinking about 2022 midterms NOW. Plenty of states and races to choose from.

President Biden said he doesn’t think his predecessor should still get intelligence briefings due to his “erratic behavior.” Call me old-fashioned but think one requirement for getting intelligence briefings as a former President should be having read them AS President.

GOP Reps Louie Gohmert and Andrew Clyde have each been fined $5,000 for bypassing security screening outside the House chamber. So do these clowns try to get around the metal detectors at airports too?

Finally, RIP Christopher Plummer. Sound of Music was my first favorite movie when I was five going on (almost) six. And still maybe one of the most underrated romantic movie scenes ever.

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