Needle and no damage done.

Gregg Popovich, who just turned 72 Thursday, happens to be the only NBA coach (I think) eligible for an early COVID vaccine. “Sciencewise, it’s a no-brainer. It’s the right thing to do so we can all get on track again.”

Shame if we had to elect a coach to the Senate it had to be Tuberville and not Pop.

Recent Kaiser Family Foundation polling found 71% of Californians want a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as one is available. Compared to 47% of Americans in general. If COVID weren’t ultimate expression “of no man is an island” I’d tell other states fine, send California your extras.

Of course this will change. But based on team play in the last week or so, the NBA finals could be between the Utah Jazz and Indiana Pacers. Which would be great news. For the ratings of Major League Baseball.

Rachel #Maddow talking about “Friday eve,” and Lawrence O’Donnell talks about how “the weekend is in sight.” It’s only been a week but President Joe Biden has brought back weekends.

Guess I’m a bit behind here…. Is Jewish Space Laser a band or a video game?

I think maybe they sell them in the Kosher section of Star Wars stores? This is very confusing.-

(Or was this an old SNL skit? Andy Samberg and Bill Hader ARE Jewish – #LaserCats)

GOP complaining Alejandro Mayorkas hasn’t been “properly vetted” to be Joe Biden’s secretary of Homeland Security & needs additional hearings. So in Republican world a cabinet post needs all kinds of time but lifetime #SCOTUS judge can be done in four days. Got it.

Gym Jordan says he will NOT run for Rob Portman’s Senate seat. He “believes at this time he’s better suited to represent Ohioans in House of Representatives, where “he can promote conservative values & hold big govt accountable” Translation, even McConnell thinks Jordan’s crazy.

Now when Marjorie Taylor Greene appears on the House floor she wears a mask that says “Censored.” Uh, Rep. Greene, you know who has really been censored? About 430,000 Americans. Permanently.

So if Marjorie Taylor Greene had posted a picture of herself jokingly putting her hands over a man’s buttocks would GOP be willing to consider expelling her?

There are Republicans who wanted to remove Bill Clinton from office for a consensual sexual relationship who have no problem supporting Marjorie Taylor Greene for social media posts that supported killing Bill’s wife Hillary.

On Stephen Colbert , Jackie Speier, who was shot along with her assassinated boss Leo Ryan at Jonestown in 1978, talked about hearing shot fired, lying on House gallery floor & thinking 42 years later she was in danger of losing her life again. IN THE US CAPITOL! We can’t just “Move On”

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