Food for thought.

Barry Bonds, volunteering at Second Harvest where he has been a big donor in SF Bay Area, was asked about MLB Hall of Fame. .He shrugged it off. “I’m not that important, this is way more important than the Hall of Fame right now.”-Suppose it could be an act, but Barry Bonds IS being a class act.

As we head to the end of January and close to a year living with the pandemic, a number of canceled sporting events we’re really missing right now.

One of them is NOT the Pro Bowl.

Again, Vegas over-under for wins for San Antonio Spurs in 2020-21 was 28 out of 72 games. Tonight the Spurs, 10-8, beat the Boston Celtics 110-106.

Hard to imagine there isn’t a team in NBA Gregg Popovich couldn’t coach to 29 wins.

OK, the Wizards would be a challenge.

So with this Gamestop thing, are Beanie Babies involved?

RIP Cloris Leachman. Will horses be whinnying loudly in heaven tonight? #FrauBlucher #YoungFrankenstein

Marsha Blackburn criticized President Biden for signing 30 executive orders in three days – saying “you can’t govern with a pen and a phone.” Gosh, for two years in the Senate she had no problem with a President governing by tweet.

As DHS warns Americans about potential violence by domestic extremists can our country start working on dealing with how they were radicalized?

And how long until talking about stolen elections and Q-Anon on airplanes and in public becomes at least as worthy of attention from law enforcement as talking Arabic?

What is Kevin McCarthy doing travelling down to Mar-A-Lago to meet with a man facing possible criminal indictment for inciting a fatal insurrection?

(Was McCarthy summoned by the ex-president. Or ordered to go by Putin?)

Anyone still trying to make excuses for Velveeta Voldemort perhaps has not read the story of Henry II and Becket: 2021 version “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome VP and congress?”

A surprising number of Republicans, about 50%, still support Velveeta Voldemort. So will that number hold? Or is this like the first week out of an abusive relationship, where the gaslighting is still too fresh to see reality?

Reminder for those who have forgotten why “Move On” became phrase back in Clinton days. It was “Censure & Move On” – about consensual but inappropriate adult sexual relationship. Not quite same thing as a fatal insurrection where assassination was in some of the mob’s game plan.

Turned on White House briefing and there are actually adults on stage speaking in complete sentences and answering questions. What a concept.

Yes, President Joe Biden hasn’t fixed everything in a week. But we have actually heard, multiple times, from the White House about Russian bounties on U.S. troops!

Wait, Joe Biden has been in office a full week and he hasn’t fired anyone he hired yet? How can Joe call himself a President?

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