HOF Strikeouts

“No candidate reached the necessary 75% required for 2021 Baseball Hall of Fame induction.” So MLB just dodged a bullet with Curt Schilling.

Curt Schilling has asked to be removed from baseball writers’ HOF ballot next year. Is he going to try to be inducted into the Parler Hall of Fame?

So have to ask those writers who insist no cheaters should ever be allowed in Baseball Hall of Fame, did they vote for Gaylord Perry?

Good point made on MLB Network…. “If Barry Bonds tore his ACL in 1998 and never played again he’d have been in Hall of Fame by now.”

Totals of MLB Hall of Fame voting showed him with 0.2%So somebody voted for Barry Zito!

Antonio Brown’s knee has healed and his civil trial for rape/sexual assault has been postponed, so he’s eligible to play in the Super Bowl. Of course had he done something terrible like be caught using marijuana Brown would still be suspended.

So will some of these GOP senators who think there is no need for this impeachment investigation since Velveeta Voldemort is out of office, please let me know why they didn’t speak up when House kept up endless investigations on Benghazi with former Secretary Hillary Clinton?

Asked about what Joe Biden thought about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ run for Governor. ” Wow. How high is the Arkansas Republican Gubernatorial governor’s primary on the President’s list? Not high.” If you didn’t already love Jen Psaki.

President Biden’s new Press Secretary also added that she will not be running for Governor of Connecticut in future.

No joke, the Oregon Republican Party falsely calls U.S. Capitol riot a ‘false flag’ meant to ‘discredit President Trump. They’re nucking futs.

Nikki Haley was Governor during Charleston Church Massacre, one of worst days in South Carolina recent history. Many of insurrectionists at Capitol would have done as bad or worse had they reached members of Congress. And she still wants to give man who incited the mob a break?

I’m so old I remember when GOP claimed to be the “Law and Order” party.

All these GOP Senators playing the “private citizen” card. How long will it take them when SDNY indicts Velveeta Voldemort to play the “you can’t charge for past actions of a sitting President” card?

As moderate Democrat, going to keep writing about this: Sinema is to my right, so is Manchin. But they are liberal by standards of their purple to red states. Landrieu and McCaskill look damn good in retrospect by comparison to Kennedy and Hawley.

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