When will they ever learn?

Now we learn Tom Brady’s parents were hospitalized with COVID-19 last year. Glad they recovered. But then Brady showed how seriously he took close call by being only member of Bucs on postgame stage not wearing a mask. If you needed another reason to cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs..

Ohio Senator Rob Portman says he’s retiring and won’t run again in 2022.. Ok then, Alabama just elected a football coach with no experience as a Senator.

If sports celebrity matters… uh, Lebron James, what are you doing in 2022?

It’s January 26. Remember getting a text from my son while at dinner during a business trip to Ireland. And for a moment it seemed like the worst story of 2020 would be Kobe Bryant and his daughter dying in a helicopter crash.

As GOP is now doing the “they want to impeach a private citizen” talking point. Has it occurred to them that a private citizen would have been arrested within 24 hours for inciting an insurrection?

WTAF? Marco Rubio now calling the fatal January 6 insurrection a “national embarrassment,” but says many of the mob just “got caught up in the moment.” Yeah, I always carry zip ties in case I get caught up in a moment.

For those who need to know:

“Caught up in a moment” is something like flashing for beads at a Mardi Gras parade.

“Caught up in a moment” is not joining a mob for a fatal insurrection on our nation’s Capitol.

So when Twitter suspended Mike Lindell did they tell him to put a pillowcase in it?

Not quite used to WH Press Briefings where Press Secretary actually answers questions and doesn’t insult reporters.

As Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz now call for “unity” are they proposing all Americans be joined together with zip ties?

In his press briefing, President Biden talked about “eliminating the vitriol.” What a great concept. Although Joe had me at understanding and correctly using the word “vitriol.”

So would Marsha Blackburn, who likes to talk about empowering women in general, like to explain why she voted against Janet Yellen for Treasury Secretary? Yellen is only perhaps the most qualified of Joe Biden’s nominees on a bipartisan basis?

And Marco Rubio missed the vote. Was he looking up a distracting bible verse at the time?

Think I speak for many American women when I say we’d line up to buy any moisturizer that takes as many years off your face as the last week has taken off of Dr. Fauci’s.

It is snowing in Pasadena, California. Did Amy Klobuchar schedule a speech there or something?

Democrats need to remember something about bullies. They’re only bullies while they have power. Mitch McConnell doesn’t have power anymore.

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One Comment on “When will they ever learn?”

  1. Augustine Ruiz Says:

    You obviously have BDS. Fail to see any sports angle to your Brady comment other than it’s obvious you dislike him for non-sports reasons. And not wearing a mask is a reason to pick KC because of your personal bias?

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