Is it spring training yet?

Worst thing about this upcoming Super Bowl : Having to root again, for a team whose fans do “The Chop.”

“Kicking field goals on fourth and short near the goal line repeatedly against Patrick Mahomes is going to work really well” said no armchair football analyst ever.

Fans at Lambeau may have felt they were the “12th man” today. But they couldn’t compete with Tom Brady’s refs.

(Not that Green Bay didn’t put on a “what not to do for a potential hail mary” clinic… but yeah, “let them play” until they mess with St Tom.)

If you enter field of play during a MLB baseball game you will be arrested, fined, possibly spend night in jail, put on probation & definitely be banned from returning to stadium. So why should illegally entering U.S. Capitol during mob insurrection somehow be a lesser offense?

Joe Biden went to church Sunday morning in DC. On the way back his son Hunter wanted to stop for coffee and bagels. At “Call your Mother” deli. How long until we get to GOP screaming “But his bagels?

In semi-seriousness, since Alabama elected Tommy Tuberville if we’re going to get people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders running for Governor in Arkansas aren’t there ANY Democratic white male ex-football coaches or their daughters who want to run for office in the South?

(Of course, most of my friends along with me would follow Gregg Popovich anywhere.)

Anyone else REALLY tired of Republicans who act like they deserve a medal now just for saying “The election was not stolen?”

Press Secretary Jen Psaki acknowledges that the new Biden cat “is going to dominate the internet whenever it is announced and wherever the cat is found.”

As it should.

(Hint, Crumbs and Whiskers, a cat and kitten adoption cat/cafe is right around the corner from Joe’s new church.)

Godiva is closing all its North American stores, including one at Stanford Shopping Center. I live in Palo Alto and didn’t even remember Godiva HAD a store there. (Open note, See’s Candies is better anyway.)

Headline – “Growing number of GOP senators oppose impeachment trial.” So how high would the insurrection death toll have had to be before GOP would be in favor of it, and how many members of Congress would have have to be included?

Dr. Birx said in CBC interview POTUS presenting graphs about COVID she never made and claimed that someone was creating a parallel set of data to show to to Donald.

Uh, and she didn’t speak up at the time why?

So is Marco Rubio trying to be such a subservient sycophant in hopes that Princess Ivanka won’t run against him in 2022?

We finally got rid of the cheater.

So mornings now couldn’t feel sweeter.

Our new President TRIES,

Tells far fewer lies

And views job more than just being a Tweeter.

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