Many of us have reached new levels of desperation in looking for entertainment during this pandemic. But proud to report at least I have no regrets that this Sunday we don’t have viewing option of NFL Pro Bowl.

But late January is a tough time for sports now. Spring training at least several weeks away, only one NFL game to got, and 50 games or more until the end of the NBA regular season.

Anyone still doing curling?

Since it will be cold and snowy in DC this would be a fine weekend for Joe Biden & Dr Biden to visit a shelter in DC area and meet some potential White House cats.

Dear Media: If you want to keep covering the number of Joe Biden’s Executive Orders can you say in real time how many of them are simply to reverse Velveeta Voldemort’s Executive Orders? Thank you.

Andrew Yang, being asked why he hasn’t voted in many NY mayoral elections ” I think I’m one of a large number of New Yorkers who perhaps didn’t have very strong allegiances one way or another to a candidate” after the primaries.”

Uh, Mr. Yang, that’s not the point of voting….

So we’ll really know Jewish Space Lasers are a thing when speculators start buying them all up and reselling them for a profit on Ebay.

Or when Jewish Space Lasers figure in a reality show competition….

Marjorie Taylor Greene in today’s angry statement attacked Silicon Valley Cartel” trying to “cancel us”” At same time she posted her rant on Twitter, a social media site created & run by the “Silicon Valley Cartel.” Which is allowing her, so far, to keep her account.

Texas Senator John Cornyn of Texas, arguing against impeachment “I think he’s been held accountable in the court of public opinion already.” ALMOST makes Susan Collins’ “I think he’s learned his lesson” look good by comparison.

Lindsey Graham begged Senate Dems not to call ‘QAnon Shaman’ as witness “Cannot think of better way to turn upcoming impeachment trial into complete circus.”

Got it. We can move on from fatal insurrection intending multiple assassinations but GOP draws line at circuses?

Tonight Rachel Maddow did a piece about the on guy photographed w/ feet on Pelosi’s desk. He had a stun gun on him. There were two reported incidents of him this year threatening people with a gun. Butt Arkansas police don’t consider him a threat. And allowed him to set a time and date to surrender once he returned, giving him time, as he bragged, to clean his home.

And we wonder why Sarah Huckabee Sanders thinks she can be elected in Arkansas.

One of many reasons I’d like to see our first woman Senate Majority leader is no doubt because our first woman Speaker has done such an incredible job with the House. #herdingcats

As scary as Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene are, sometimes I think it’s scarier to wonder… who in Congress has the same views, but is smart enough to keep their connections with domestic terrorists quiet?

Says all you need to know about today’s GOP that more of them are condemning Mitt Romney and Cindy McCain than are condemning Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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2 Comments on “Weekend!”

  1. Dave Fabrizi Says:

    My wife and I have found a pretty good sport to carry us until the big guys start. Women’s college gymnastics, There are at least two events every weekend, mostly from the SEC – Florida, Alabama, Auburn, etc. There are some wonderful athletes there, performing stunts that have to be seen to be believed. Try watching them and tell your friends.

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