Really really hard hand slap.

NCAA put Notre Dame’s football program on one year’s probation for recruiting violations, including 7-day ban on off-campus recruiting & $5,000 fine. Notre Dame makes $22 million a year on TV contracts including $15 million from NBC. (Also probation does not include a bowl ban.)

NBA has been telling teams to isolate players with COVID-19 along with any close contacts. Now with only one player testing positive, the league has postponed three consecutive Memphis Grizzlies games.

The league says their protocols are evolving. Have to wonder…. would they have done the same if the Grizzlies were a team with several upcoming televised games?

LA Dodgers, with a 2021 Payroll approaching $200,000,000, are apparently interested in Trevor Bauer, who is hoping for an average $36 million a year contract.

And when they get done with Dodger Stadium for a COVID-19 vaccine site will they set up a loan center in the parking lot for fans who plan when they return to games to buy a few beers?

Dr. Anthony Fauci “One of the new things in this administration is that you just say you don’t know if that’s the case and do not start guessing.” Besides COVID-19, this is not a bad life hack.

Waiting for the Clorox ad now featuring some serious cleaning going on in the White House: “Clorox, it’s not for drinking anymore.”

It’s a whole new world. My son is grown but imagine how nice it must be for parents of younger children now – when the President of the United States comes on TV, you don’t have to change the channel.

Why is anyone surprised the previous administration had no COVID vaccine plan. Once the election was over, lack of a plan had to seem like a worthy punishment for a nation that didn’t vote for a 2nd term.

We’ll know Biden’s “federal pharmacy program” to have COVID vaccines available in local pharmacies will really be working when we all start getting those long strip of CVS coupons with our vaccines.

Meanwhile over at former State-TV- current Fox News website “C’mon, give me a break, man. Biden gets testy with reporter over vaccine rollout question.” “Testy?” Joe didn’t curse, insult the reporter, attack their height, gender, ethnicity etc…

Meanwhile, amidst all the hope – here’s state TV Fox News’ top headline “Unrest explodes across West as Biden sworn-in; clashes with police, attack on Dem Party offices.” As someone living in the “West,” uh, no.

Costco apparently won’t stop selling #MyPillow, at least through Feb. Company told SFGate: “We have contractual commitments to MyPillow we intend to honor, as we seek to do w/all of our suppliers.” Of course, “contractual commitments” don’t mean anyone will BUY the pillows.

So Kayleigh McEnany, is gone and today Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki had her second White House Press Briefing. So what’s the antonym for “A hard act to follow.”

Final numbers will vary but pretty clear that ratings for Joe Biden’s inauguration easily beat the ratings for his predecessor. Petty but lovely cherry on top would be if Amy Klobuchar & Roy Blunt, who put the program together, were jointly given an Emmy.

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