Stepping towards democracy.

Brittany Brees, wife of the Saints QB, wife, revealed today in an Instagram post that Drew was playing with a torn rotator cuff, a torn fascia, plus the 11 broken ribs and collapsed lung this season.

Just in case you were feeling too tired or old to get off the couch today.

NBA Wizards canceled their sixth straight game tonight due to COVID-19 cases and contact tracing. Now that we’ve detoxed the White House, looks like it’s time to get serious about trying to eliminate another virus in Washington.

ESPN reports Philip Rivers “is retiring from football, ending his 17-year career as one of the most prolific quarterbacks in NFL history.” In his announcement Rivers thanked his wife and NINE children. So “prolific” is a nice choice of words.

Buckingham Palace said that Queen Elizabeth II sent a private letter to Joe Biden. And wouldn’t we all love to know what it said.

Wonder what 45’s “generous” note to Joe Biden said? Maybe something like “Dear Loser, I didn’t burn the place down. You’re welcome.”

Joe Biden at Lincoln Memorial: “Humbling to stand here in this place in front of these sacred words. Humbling out of respect to President Lincoln & office we now share & humbling because of you, the American people.” Have we heard the word “humbling” in 4 years? I missed it.

But okay, Joe Biden has been President over 12 hour. Shouldn’t he have tweeted out a cat video by now?

Doesn’t it feel like 2021 started today?

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