Games in heaven?

Damn…. 2021, couldn’t you let us have two good days? RIP Hank Aaron.

Wonder in baseball heaven tomorrow if Bob Gibson will be brushing back Henry Aaron with a pitch?

2021 is still a long way from normal. But we can maybe see normal from here now? Only 22 days until pitchers and catchers report!

Random observation, but at this point, thinking more fans across America are rooting for the Bills on Sunday than have ever been to Buffalo.

Dear President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden. Get that cat soon. Maybe two kittens. As mischievous as possible. Maybe one who claws drapes. Or at least sheds a lot. The media is bored and needs a new semi-scandal.

I do think in one day many in the media have written more about Joe’s Rolex than they have about Russian bounties on U.S troops.

Btw, I have a Rolex watch too. At least that’s what the kid in Beijing told me almost 20 years ago. “Best quality.” It cost me all of $10. Hope Joe didn’t overpay because my Seiko works better.

So NYTimes story about trying to replace acting AG dropped just two days after Inauguration Day. Imagine what’s going to come out between now and Feb 8 when the Senate trial starts?

Mitch McConnell is acting like an abuser whose victim suddenly gets hold of his gun and now is trying to get them to be reasonable.

Regarding the controversy about safety on the House floor: Science says masks work. But even if they aren’t 100%, a mask never killed anyone. Unlike a gun.

From the Colorado Sun, on Lauren Boebert – she was born Lauren Opal Roberts in Altamonte Springs, FL, (where I went to high school, sigh.) Moved to Colorado when she was 12. So on top of everything else, can we call her #FloridaWoman?

If you’re anti-choice but also anti-mask mandate you have forfeited all right to claim to be pro-life. Period.

WTAF? Lauren Boebert has introduced legislation that would prohibit a mask mandate on federal property “or while traveling in interstate commerce, and for other purposes.” Just another example of the so-called “pro-life” party trying to kill us.

Rachel Maddow asks Dr. Fauci why he hasn’t been on the show before. And he tells her that he wanted to, but that he was told not to do so. Part of her response – echoed by millions of Americans – “I’m happy to see the spring in your step and the light in your eyes.”

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