Young and old men.

Just pointing out that Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes, opposing QBs for Browns-Chiefs game are TOGETHER only 50 years old. Only 8 years total more than Drew Brees, the youngster in Sundays Saints-Buccaneers matchup. #WhoDat

So in the two games since their big trade, Houston Rockets have beaten San Antonio Spurs, and then made a game of it today vs Spurs despite only having eight players. You’d almost think they weren’t too upset to see their superstar James Harden shipped out of town.

Happiest people watching Bills Ravens game going to half time tied 3-3. Anyone who bet the under. (49.5)

Sometimes the universe gives you a really hard act to follow. This will not be true for Pete Buttigieg with “Infrastructure Week.”

Now it’s California Democratic Rep. Lou Correa of California who has tested positive for Covid-19 after spending hours with GOP COVIDiots in lockdown. Correa will miss Joe Biden’s inaugural. In all seriousness can’t we charge these mask-mocking morons with reckless endangerment?

With so many Democratic members of Congress getting COVID-19 after being locked in room for hours Jan 6 with maskless morons, we KNOW at least one or more of those GOP reps also have COVID. But either they won’t get tested or won’t admit it. Because that would admit guilt.

So Press Secretary Barbie wants to spend more time lying to her family?

Ben Goldey, who was Lauren Boebert’s communication director for less than two weeks, has resigned. This is an exception to the axiom that a really short job stint can be a problem to explain on your resume.

Rep. Lauren Boebert needs another Communications director since hers quit after less than two weeks. Kayleigh McEnany is available.

ICYMI, in Secretary Azar’s resignation letter “Our remarkable response to the pandemic should not overshadow the many other successful efforts HHS has undertaken over the last three years.” Is self-delusion a REQUIREMENT to have joined Donald’s cabinet?

Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Theme Parks in Orlando has canceled Josh Hawley’s hate-fest weekend fundraiser. So how long until someone in GOP tries to reschedule at Portofino Landscaping in New Smyrna Beach, less than an hour away?

Btw, that fundraiser at the Portofino Bay Hotel was $1000 pp, or $5000 for up to a family of four for the weekend. But that was BEFORE actually paying for a room. And rooms at the Portofino Bay Hotel for that weekend start at over $600 a night including tax.

Economic anxiety my a**.

Even prosecutors said Dustin Higgs, executed on Trump’s orders, didn’t shoot anyone, but ordered his friend to kill victims. So what should be penalty for inciting armed mob? “If you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore we’re going to the Capitol.”

So if U.S. airlines are putting anyone who participated in the January 6 insurrection on a no-fly list, why are we allowing Trump to head home on Air Force One?

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