What used to be a weekend?

So little consistency now in this world. But after a 5-3 start, good to know that with 5 straight losses the NY Knicks have shown they are still the Knicks.

Seahawks WR Josh Gordon, who has been suspended repeatedly for marijuana & possibly other drugs, has been suspended indefinitely again after NFL rescinded his conditional reinstatement. If only Tom Brady needed another WR, Gordon might be starting Sunday.

You know it’s been a long pandemic when for the you’re irrationally thrilled because for the first time sincea about March 2020, Diet Orange Sunkist is back on the shelves. (Okay, now it’s “Zero Calorie Sunkist,” but whatever!)

My favorite trivia of the week: Last living president who skipped their successor’s swearing in? Andrew Johnson refused to attend the inaugural of Ulysses S. Grant in 1869 -following a failed impeachment that Grant had supported.

At this point there are so few rats left on the Trumptanic you’d almost think it was a special cruise for cats.

Anyone who reads mysteries is familiar with the “locked-room” concept where everyone is worried someone they know is a potential accomplice or even murderer. Didn’t expect this plot line to be playing out in the US Congress.

I’m so old I remember when Trump sycophants only left the White House when they were fired by tweet.

Is today’s bankruptcy announcement the first NRA statement that’s not about disavowing a mass shooting?

Lawyer for man arrested for throwing fire extinguishers at Capitol police – “He was not walking around with a six-foot spear, he was not physically attacking Capitol officers.” Right, and the officer who died after the attack was only hit with a…. fire extinguisher. WTAF?

Does anyone doubt that had the mob actually killed a member of Congress, Donald would have pretended sorrow but cheerfully used it as an excuse to declare martial law and keep himself in power? Scary to say, he might even have intended that.

So sounds like Ted Cruz will exercise his right to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration. Since we probably can’t stop him, is there a port a-potty near the stage, and can Inaugural Chairs Roy Blunt & Amy Klobuchar make sure Ted’s seated behind it?

After Joe Biden is sworn in & when during impeachment trial GOP Senators try to gaslight us as to Donald’s culpability in inciting mob on Jan 6, remember this Orwell quote: “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”

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