More biggest losers

Houston finally got rid of disgruntled prima donna James Harden. And for tonight’s game against 6-5 San Antonio, the 3-6 Rockets only had nine available players, with a combined salary of $34.9 million, while Harden was making $40 million. And they beat the Spurs.

(While I’m a big Spurs fan, have to admit, imagining Harden’s face makes the loss a little less hard to take.)

There’s a lot of competition for the “Dumbest Senator in Washington, D.C.” title but in less than two weeks I think we might be able to declare ex-football coach Tommy Tuberville the winner.

(Tuberville Thursday suggested that we just delay Biden’s inaugural until we get the virus a little more under control. Last month he talked about the three branches of government – “You know, the House, the Senate, and the executive.”)

Actually, there are several competitors for “Dumbest Senator in Washington, D.C.” – But Tuberville definitely should have a lock on “Rookie of the Year.”

Got a Democratic fundraising email “Sign our petition so we can get 25,000 signatures to get Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to resign.” Seriously folks? You could get 25 MILLION signatures and those a**holes aren’t resigning. Got to vote them out or (we can dream) expel them.

So Tampa Bay got Tom Brady, Jacksonville will get Urban Meyer, and Palm Beach gets Donald Trump. What is it about a**holes ending up in Florida?.

Meanwhile over on State TV….Over 200 suspects and over 100 arrests from last week’s fatal insurrection. Fox News Headline “Left-wing activist who told Fox News he was at Capitol riot to ‘document’ arrested, charged.” And we wonder how people get brainwashed.

You know, not that I would necessarily believe them but it would help if all these Republican remembers of sedition caucus calling for “unity” and “healing” would preface it with “In order for duly-elected President Joe Biden to get off to the best possible start…”

CNN – “Melania Trump has spent the last weeks operating inside a gray area.” Does this mean her hairdresser quit too and she has issues with her roots? Meow.

Maybe all these people and cities who are owed money by Trump ought to consider hiring Stormy Davis as a consultant. She’s the only one Donald who actually paid after he scr*wed them.

One of the arrested Capitol mob today “In the moment I thought I was doing the right thing.” That excuse doesn’t even get you out of a DUI let along a fatal insurrection.

As NYC severs ties with Donald including Central Park ice rinks & the carousel, how long until we view Trump Tower like Villa Torlonia, the Rome home of the Mussolini family?

Washington Post reports “Workers seen hanging blue “2021 Biden Harris Inauguration” banners just outside White House gates in advance of next week’s festivities. Some of signage was clearly visible from inside White House. ” Can they put some of the banners FACING White House?

Delta Air Lines has put 880 people on its no-fly list from the insurrection in DC last week and for bad behavior during the pandemic. Now can they do Eric, Don Jr. and Ivanka and keep them off the NY to DC shuttle?

You know when you leave Costco, and they have have people check what’s in your cart against your receipts? That’s what Secret Service should be doing with Trump family moving boxes to check what they’re taking from the White House.

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