Off the line.

Green Bay took advantage of a loophole with NFL COVID-19 “practice squad” rules to sign OT Jared Veldheer, who just played for the Colts last weekend, to play for them this weekend against the Rams. Except now Veldheer himself has tested positive. Maybe mean bitch Karma is following the NFL playoffs.

Harden, Irving and Durant on the same team? Yes, they are all NBA stars. And I really like Steve Nash. But really hope his insurance has good mental health coverage.

Back in college, Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger spoke at a Stanford Faculty Club dinner. As a waitress that night I had to give personal information two weeks in advance & go through a more careful security check than some of these pro-insurrection GOP Members of Congress.

If Mitch McConnell had another right-wing judge he desperately wanted to ram through you betcha he’d find a way to reconvene the Senate before January 19.

Who ever thought we’d live to see the day when Rep. Steny Hoyer would be quoting Liz Cheney?

I missed all these GOP calls for unity and healing BEFORE January 6.

Lauren Boebert is proof that women politicians can be as equally horrible as men. Period.

Bit of trivia “On July 17, 1970, New Orleans Airport (MSY) became 1st airport to use magnetometers to detect weapons—or anything made of metal. So Lauren Boebert, 34, has never taken a commercial fight in her life w/o a metal detector. And she’s throwing a tantrum in Capitol?

Groundhog Day was much more fun when it was a movie and not a well-justified impeachment vote.

We KNOW Donald didn’t write his video statement today. He called it COVID-19 and not the “China Virus.”

We have the TSA due to 9-11 terrorists. We have to take off our footwear due to the Shoe Bomber. And in future we’ll have to go through incredible security to visit the Capitol due to Donald Trump.

Well, if nothing else Donald’s “Trump” brand has now eclipsed “New Coke” as the best known brand failure in U.S history.

Now it’s Rudy Giuliani who Donald is upset with and saying he won’t pay. Truly amazing that the buses can run in DC with all the people Velveeta Voldemort has thrown under them.

Is there anyone willing to defend Donald at this point who isn’t a complete and total a**hole?

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2 Comments on “Off the line.”

  1. Big Jon Says:

    Here in Alaska, our Congressman for life Don Young, along with his fellow repugnants, voted to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about a consensual affair with an adult intern, but voted against impeaching a president who incited a riot that led to an attempted coup. Well I guess that’s just their way, it’s all ok as long as you keep it in your pants!

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