Watching football is supposed to be fun, right?

(Well, only silver lining of the Saints being out of the playoffs, it’s less stressful if you don’t care.)

New Mets GM Jared Porter acknowledges sending explicit images – unsolicited – to a female reporter when he worked for the Cubs.

Note to guys- don’t send unsolicited DPs.

Actually, note to guys – just don’t send DP’s period.

With the NBA, I’m a Spurs fan. If you want a big reason why, watch Spurs coach Gregg Popovich talk about Martin Luther King Jr.

Midnight thought: Probably only a problem for Anglophiles, but anyone else watching “The Crown” who knew how to pronounce Camilla (Cuh-MIL-la) Parker-Bowles’ name slipping up now because we’ve gotten used to Kamala (Comma-la)?

All reports indicate that Donald can’t even admit when he loses a round of golf. Why do some think he will ever admit losing the Presidency?

Realizing today, had Martin Luther King Jr. not been assassinated, today he would have only been 92 years old. (Younger than, for example Sidney Poitier, and of course, Betty White.)

Joe Biden & Dr. Biden volunteered at a food bank on MLK day of service. Thinking only time Donald would be interested in a food bank is if he thought one might give him a loan.

Have no problem vetting National Guard for the inaugural. Heck, as a waitress at Stanford Faculty Club in college I got vetted before I was allowed to serve Caspar Weinberger.

So Maddow says Trump doesn’t trust Pence to pardon him…. Gosh, who knew inciting your followers to hang your right-hand man might affect his potential loyalty.

Seriously, everything in the Capitol has CCTV and security systems. It’s pretty binary – did Lauren Boebert give a tour or not? (Pretty sure we know the answer.)

So Lindsay Graham, who licked Trump’s boots on a daily basis, and called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asking him to change votes, is blaming the Jan 6, insurrection on…. Nancy Pelosi? When McCain died he took Graham’s soul with him.

Took a quick look at Trump’s American Heroes statue garden list. Who’s gonna tell Donald that Ingrid Bergman was Swedish?

Rachel Maddow also reports that Donald is having an event at Joint Base Andrews at 8:00a on Inauguration Day, and that “so far, there haven’t been a lot of RSVP’s” Have to wonder if the prospect of the FBI attending to see who shows up has occurred to invitees.

Is it possible Melania Trump won’t invite Dr. Jill Biden for a walk-through of private living quarters on White House second and third floors, because Melania doesn’t spend enough time at the White House to know those rooms?

So when you buy a pardon from Donald Trump do you get a discount on a free COVID-19 vaccine?

If we want to give a last socially-distanced middle finger to Velveeta Voldemort, one very peaceful way to do it would be to give Joe Biden’s inaugural the highest ratings for a Presidential inauguration ever!

If you want to civilly argue politics with me I’m fine with that. If you want to disregard science and tell me masks don’t help stop the spread of COVID-19, well, then, I draw the line when stupidity puts lives at risk. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

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