Battle for the Aged.

Buccaneers vs. Saints will be the late playoff game next Sunday night, starting 640p on the East Coast. Brady 43, against Brees, 42.

So a tough pre-game decision for both QBs – Early Bird Special dinner – or nap?

Bears score TD on last play of game but with the clock having run out they don’t go for an extra point. (NFL rules say it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t affect the game.) Saints win by 12.

The spread was 11. If the Bears had scored with a few seconds left they either kick an extra point to make it a push (tie) or they go for two, making Chicago betters winners.

Why I don’t bet on football.

PGA has now taken 2022 championship away from Trump Bedminster Course. If Donald cared about golf he’d be really upset about that.

Makes a certain amount of sense that Velveeta Voldemort is giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Bill Belichick. Belichick is one of our country’s top examples in successfully cheating to win.

How can you remove a President with less than two weeks to go? I don’t know, how do you confirm a lifetime SCOTUS appointment that quickly?

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist left the GOP in 2010. Now he’s a trendsetter!

On CNN today, Colin Powell, “I no longer consider myself a Republican.” Who’s next?

So the same GOP clutching their pearls over a private social media company banning their leader. who still wants to overthrow democracy, have no problem with a private bakery refusing to bake cakes for gay couples who want to get married. Got it.

Chris Christie is the latest previous Trump ally to call for impeachment. Who else still has the thought “Wonder what viciousness Donald will tweet about THAT? Oh wait, never mind.”

Gab -“American alt-tech social networking service. Widely described as haven for extremists- neo-Nazis, white supremacists & alt-right, it attracts users & groups banned from other social networks” – Wikipedia Donald’s base. Wonder how many of them can afford to join Mar-A-Lago.

Stripe is refusing to process payments for Trump’s campaign store. For anyone thinking Square, their rival, might step up to fill the breach – the CEO of Square is…. Jack Dorsey. (also CEO of Twitter.)

Seriously Roy Blunt? “The president touched the hot stove on Wednesday and is unlikely to touch it again.” So this is the 2021 version of Susan Collins’ “I think he’s learned his lesson? WTF?

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