Bronze those medals.

All the awful things Donald has done and now I have to add the trivial “Make me grudgingly say ANYTHING nice about the cheating Patriots’ head coach…” Patriots head coach Bill Belichick says he’s turning down Trump’s Medal of Freedom.

So is Velveeta Voldemort going to try to get Tom Brady next to accept that slightly tainted Presidential Medal of Freedom?

As a college football fan who boycotted season because I didn’t think they should have played, would have nonetheless felt a bit wistful if I missed watching a great playoff game. Fortunately that didn’t happen. Margins of victory were 17 & 21 points in semis, 28 points tonight.

On Saturday, after the fatal insurrection at the Capitol, Kentucky basketball players and coach John Calipari knelt on the sideline before their game to protest social injustice.

And they were attacked on social media, one sheriff in the state burned Final Four commemorative t-shirts and some local politicians called for the University to be defunded.

Again, AFTER the mob stormed our Capitol. And we wonder how the state re-elected Mitch McConnell?

So Rep. Lauren Boebert has made a big deal out of carrying a Glock for protection in the Capitol. Somehow I missed the pictures of her using that Glock to try to help protect her colleagues against the mob during the insurrection on January 6?

Meanwhile, this sounds like something Belichick would dream up… and get away with: Jared Veldneer started for the Colts Saturday against the Bills, now due to some unusual COVID-19 restrictions (he was officially on the practice squad although he played,) Veldneer has been signed by the Packers and will play THIS Sunday in Green Bay.

The Eagles have fired coach Doug Pederson. He is available for any team looking to tank 2021 season for the top 2022 NFL draft pick.

Now three gorillas at San Diego Zoo have tested positive for COVID-19. Don’t throw out those batsh*t bingo cards.

It takes about 10 days for COVID-19 vaccines to start taking effect. As two House Representatives already tested positive thanks to unmasked COVIDiots with them in lockdown, that decision to vaccinate all members of Congress is looking better and better.

So Pence doesn’t think Donald has been unstable enough for 25th Amendment. If Trump’s mob had succeeded in injuring a member of Congress would that have been sufficient? Or would it have had to be murder? Or many murders? Asking for a country that is really tired of this sh*t.

“They were hunting for lawmakers of both parties.” Ted Lieu on Rachel Maddow: Yes, the mob had top targets, but does anyone think they wouldn’t have attacked any member of Congress they didn’t recognize as part of their sedition caucus?

CNN reports Donald does not think he should be blamed for the violence at his mob insurrection at the Capitol. Uh, has Trump ever accepted blame for ANYTHING?

John Kasich says he’s glad that other Republicans have come on board in condemning Trump, but “we shouldn’t give medals to those who jump off the ship just before it hits the rocks.”

One Capitol police officer has been arrested and two suspended. Can you say “tip of the iceberg?”

Now close to 100 arrests for the coup attempt. As a former student of history in college, one thing I know that generally happens after insurrections – they arrest the LEADER if they can find him! Pretty sure we know where Donald is.

So at least with the bans, Twitter hopes not to be known in future as the place where domestic terrorists are radicalized.

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