Still Spurred on.

Early days. But the over-under on Spurs wins in Las Vegas for a 72 game season was 28.5. It is my serious non-snarky opinion that there is not a single NBA team Gregg Popovich couldn’t coach to 29 wins this season.

The Washington Football Team, with an injured quarterback leader, AND a losing record, turns out to have had a much more legitimate chance than Velveeta Voldemort of pulling off an unexpected win this week.

I already miss those long ago days when many of us could focus our outrage this weekend on #6 seed Buccaneers w/ Tom Brady getting to face the worst team in the NFL playoffs… You know, like last week?

If we need a reminder of how sometimes we Democrats need to get together and strongly back our candidates in purple states/districts, I KNOW Claire McCaskill is a moderate who many in left-wing of party didn’t support. And when she lost Missouri got Josh Hawley.

Airlines have names & personal details of many of those who traveled to Washington DC for Trump’s insurrection/coup and broke into the Capitol. Putting anyone arrested on a no-fly list would be a good measure towards ensuring the safety of all decent Americans.

While he’s banned from most sites, has anyone checked to see if Trump is trying to sell the White House china on Ebay?

On 3rd day in office, GOP Rep. Mary Miller, trying to block certification of Biden’s win- “This is the battle. Hitler was right on 1 thing. He said, ´Whoever has the youth has the future.” She now says some are “twisting her words.” As if there’s ANY decent way to quote Hitler.

Just realizing, for all of us who have ever thought we had the “worst boss ever,” Trump’s trying to have Pence killed might have raised the bar out of reach forever.

If one of that mob had actually injured a member of Congress or worse, do you think any of Velveeta Voldemort’s other elected cult members would have disowned him?

So some in GOP are warning Biden that if Democrats proceed with impeachment it “would inflame Trump supporters.” Uh, “inflame” as opposed to what?

Still think there was more outrage from Democrats over their President’s consensual affair than there has been from Republicans for their President’s fatal coup attempt.

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