Slouching towards Saturday.

Meanwhile, back in sports, Michigan signed football coach Jim Harbaugh to a five-year extension. To be fair this WAS the first year the Wolverines didn’t lose to Ohio State.

RIP Tommy Lasorda. When SF Giants fans booed him loudly at Candlestick Park, he used to smile and tip his cap, seemed to love every minute of it. So I hope he’s getting a standing ovation of boos from Giants fans today in heaven.

Friday should have been about Alex Trebek’s last episode on Jeopardy. His last words: “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for spending the time with us. We’ll see you again next week.”

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski told Anchorage Daily News that Donald should resign and says if GOP is nothing more than the party of Trump, she questions whether she can remain a Republican.

I disagree with Senator Lisa Murkowski on MANY things, but if she leaves the GOP now over them not disavowing Trump, I promise I will, even as a staunch Democrat, make a small donation to her re-election campaign. Who’s with me?

Before the riots started on January 6, Oliver Darcy of CNN pointed out that Fox News showed Ted Cruz’s speech about election being “rigged”, but not Chuck Schumer’s speech preceding him, nor Amy Klobuchar’s rebuttal. And we wonder how people end up in the Trump cult.

So since Donald spent years convincing Americans it was the scariest threat they could imagine, can we start referring to Trump’s mob who attacked the Capitol as a “caravan?”

Since we need to laugh – one of my favorite stories during this rough week is one MAGA rioter being fired, because he was identified by HIS WORK BADGE, which he wore while attacking and entering the Capitol.

By now deleting his account, and his tweets from @POTUS accounts, Twitter has shown they actually mean to stand up to Donald Trump more than most of the GOP.

Shouldn’t be hard to figure out Velveeta Voldemort’s alternative secret account. Look for a random account with 70 million new Russian bot followers.

So how much will Donald up the prenup if Melania gives him her Twitter password?

Now Ted Cruz says he has disagreed with Trump’s language and rhetoric for years. If Ted weren’t so unlikable that would be a great opener for a comedy routine.

Rachel Maddow reports that Mitch McConnell says he would not convene an impeachment trial until January 19. So much for all those who praised Mitch’s “new tone” on January 6. Once a sycophant, always a sycophant.

I’ve seen Joe Biden speak twice in person. To be honest, both times I thought he was kind of boring. Words cannot express how much I miss boring.

Donald’s handling of COVID-19 will result in hundreds of thousands more deaths than shooting one person in the middle of 5th Avenue. But was the death of Brian Sicknick, a Capitol Police Officer, FINALLY enough to make some of his supporters abandon Trump?

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