Spurred on.

And who had the San Antonio Spurs winning back to back games in January…. against the Clippers AND the Lakers.

Now all you liars put your hands down.

Tennessee-Chattanooga today fired assistant football coach Chris Malone for a racist tweet mocking Stacey Abrams. I’m not so naive as to imagine there aren’t plenty of racists in sports, but to put it in a public tweet? That’s grounds for firing both for racism AND stupidity.

Rachel Maddow says we’ve all aged 30 years in the last 4 years. Four years? Feels like we’ve all aged 30 years in the last four months.

So is it too late to start a game of Trump Cabinet resignation bingo?

So can you invoke the 25th Amendment if there aren’t enough Cabinet members left for a quorum? Asking for a really tired country.

Not seeing this really discussed, but think HUGE reason Joe Biden waited to pick Garland – Merrick sits on important DC Court of Appeals. Garland would always have been an easy AG confirmation, but if Dems hadn’t won GA Senate, McConnell would’ve replaced him w/another unqualified right-winger like Justin Walker

Dana Bash was talking about Donald Trump’s “new tone?” Please. The only new tone Donald ever has is when he switches brands of spray-tan.

These last minute resignations from Trump administration remind me of Bruce Ismay. For the uninitiated, Ismay was Chairman of White Star Line, approved reduction from 48 to 16 lifeboats for Titanic, ignored ice warnings while aboard… & still ended up in one of last lifeboats.

Betsy Devos followed Elaine Chao by resigning today. So looks like it’s going to be women first into the Trumptanic lifeboats.

Give Betsy Devos credit. During her tenure as Secretary of Education, no children were killed by grizzly bears.

Meanwhile, over on state TV here’s headline “Time to Heal – Trump condemns Capitol rioters, calls for calm, vows to ensure ‘seamless transition of power’ For some reason Fox didn’t cover trump telling rioters he loved them & they were special. Sure it’s just an oversight.

Meanwhile, anyone remember how Velveeta Voldemort said we wouldn’t hear about COVID-19 starting Nov 4? After today, another almost 4,100 people will never hear about anything ever again.

So Velveeta Voldemort is also going to Camp David for the weekend. One simple solution to this mess is to change the White House locks.

Crooks and traitors are stupid alert: The man who stole the Speaker’s podium reportedly put it up for sale on eBay. (Ebay eventually removed the listening.) But I am sure prosecutors appreciate Ebay having all his contact information.

Meanwhile, the death toll, so far, at yesterday’s attempted coup attempt was one more than Benghazi. So we should have AT LEAST as many hearings and investigations into it? And Donald, after he leaves office should have to testify the same as Hillary, right.

Crickets from Velveeta Voldemort & many of his Congressional sycophants on the death of the Capitol Police Officer tonight. I guess I misunderstood – Blue Lives only Matter when they’re going after Black and Brown people?

Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, hit in head w/ fire extinguisher by one of Trump’s MAGA mob, died tonight. His brother said he served in Operation Desert Shield & Operation Enduring Freedom. So he survived fighting foreign terrorism to be murdered by domestic terrorists.

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2 Comments on “Spurred on.”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    Not saying the Capitol Police cleared a pathway for the rioters, but several reportedly were on the Packers offensive line during Strahan’s sack record game

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