Numbers and bigger numbers.

Wednesday night, Bradley Beal set a career high with 60 points against 76ers, but his Wizards still lost 136-141.

So yet another time someone from Washington set a personal best and still came in second.

(Yes, 75 million votes also definitely loses to 81 million.)

Bummer that the Spurs didn’t play Wednesday night. Really wanted someone to put a microphone in front of Gregg Popovich.

DC Police said something like 52 arrests now. 52 arrests? As a long time #SFGiants fan I remember more than 15 arrests during an average Giants Dodgers game at Candlestick.

“A selfish man’s injured pride” – Mitt Romney just summed up the reasons for this charade and for the riots in DC today.

Once again, as a Stanford alum can I call upon the university to rescind Josh Hawley’s degree? Along with Yale Law School. Ditto Princeton and Harvard Law School with Ted Cruz.

How do these house Republicans say they rise with “a heavy heart,” when they have clearly demonstrated they don’t HAVE a heart?

Wednesday night, 132 Republicans members of the House just voted against their own elections/re-elections this November being valid.

Your reminder, and with all-caps since that’s the language some seem to understand: All the voting changes that Pennsylvania GOP cult members are railing against were PUT IN PLACE BY GOP PENNSYLVANIA LEGISLATURE.

To paraphrase a quote about Charles I at his execution: Nothing in Mike Pence’s Vice Presidency so became him as presiding over the leaving of it.

Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence giving each other an elbow bump was unexpectedly somehow sweet. Don’t tell Mother.

Donald had his account suspended for 12 hours today. You know, I always kind of thought the standards for keeping an active account on Twitter were lower than for keeping the nuclear codes.

I’m so old I remember when some people thought it was an exaggeration to compare Trump to Hitler and Jim Jones.

So the results are certified. Can we now call Trump and the GOP “The Gang that Couldn’t Coup Straight?

One of many things to look forward to now in 2021 is that Mitch McConnell will HAVE to vote on Merrick Garland.

I’m so old I remember watching live and thinking the most memorable part of Wednesday, January 6, might be Amy Klobuchar once again eviscerating Ted Cruz.

I think for millions of Americans “Dry January” has just been canceled.

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