Georgia on my mind…

ESPN headline for my friends and readers who care nothing about sports “Atlanta Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler loses U.S. Senate runoff race to Raphael Warnock.”

So Kelly Loeffler, whose entire WNBA team, the Atlanta Dream publicly endorsed her opponent, has been voted out of the Senate. If she wants a team more fitting with her loser persona maybe she could buy the Atlanta Falcons.

So there was a Heisman Trophy ceremony today?

But sure, professional athletes are responsible enough to observe COVID-19 protocols- another other ESPN headline –

As the Browns approach their first playoff game in forever, Browns LT Jedrick Wills Jr and WR Rashard Higgins cited for drag racing (presumably each other) Tuesday am.

Never been a big fan of reality TV, but at this point I do miss days when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian getting a divorce would have been the biggest story on social media.

Not that I expected charges to have been filed in the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, who was unarmed. But seven shots. Just wonder if how many shots the officer might have had to fire for it to have been considered reckless or excessive?

Meanwhile, if Kyle Rittenhouse were black he wouldn’t have been arraigned today either. He’d be dead.

NY Times compares Mike Pence’s role on January 6 as that of an Academy Awards presenter reading the winner. Have to assume Donald is now frantically trying to replace VP Pence with Warren Beatty.

Open note to @CNN. Want to guarantee I change the channel? Put Rick Santorum on.

So will soon-to-be-former Senator Kelly Loeffler take her private plane to Washington DC to vote to support a coup by a soon-to-be-former President who probably hurt her re-election chances? Asking for a friend who needs to know how much popcorn to buy.

Meanwhile, over on Fox News “Warnock declares victory in Georgia runoff, but Loeffler says she has ‘path to victory’” Does this mean Kelly got some inside tips on which stocks will do better in a Blue Senate?

When hotels have rooms available last minute they tend to lower prices at least to be competitive: Washington DC hotels Jan 6 now almost all under $400. Except Trump hotel DC – STILL $5166.43 counting tax per night. Nonrefundable. This isn’t a hotel stay, it’s a donation.

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