Size doesn’t always matter:

Donald Trump saying he won many states because of rally sizes is like the Knicks saying they’ve won many NBA championships because they’ve always sold out Madison Square Garden.

Former Wisconsin QB Jack Coan announced he is transferring to Notre Dame. Give him credit, in the ESPN story story announcing the transfer he doesn’t even pretend academics are involved.

So after last night’s in game tank job can Philadelphia’s NFL team change their song to “Lie Down Like an Eagle?”

Chargers fired coach Anthony Lynn after a 7-9 season. Clearly Lynn’s biggest mistake – not figuring out a way to move the team to the NFC East.

Liz Cheney on Raffensperger tape ” It was deeply troubling, & I think everybody ought to listen to the full hour of it. I think it’s deeply troubling & I’m just going to leave it at that.” As if Donald hasn’t done enough awful things, now I have to grudgingly respect Liz Cheney?

Thomas Friedman nails a question with Anderson Cooper about Trump sycophants desperately seeking his favor: “Does someone like Josh Hawley think Donald will endorse him over Don Jr? Or Ivanka.

Before the Georgia rally Hannity on Fox News talking about what a crime it is that Hillary hasn’t been prosecuted for her emails and how corrupt the FBI has been. And we wonder why cult members think the way they do…

David Perdue says RECORDING Trump’s call with Raffensperger was “disgusting”, not the call itself. So I’ve clearly missed all Perdue’s outrage over the wrongs done to Richard Nixon.

Learn something every day – Georgia’s wiretapping law is “one-party consent” law for purposes of making audio recordings of conversations. Not a crime to secretly record phone call from any private place” if one party to conversation consents. #TrumpTape

Dear Joe Biden. Can you give Gabriel Sterling a medal? Sincerely, America.

This isn’t getting enough attention. An aide to Georgia SoS Raffensperger on why they recorded call with Trump: “Lindsey Graham asked us to throw out legally cast ballots. So yeah, after that call, we decided maybe we should do this.”

Video now of Kelly Loeffler campaigning this weekend at an indoor mask-less rally.Well, as a Senator she’s been vaccinated. So I guess COVID-19 to her is like insider trading… different rules apply to her.

Is it a requirement if you are a woman in Velveeta Voldemort’s orbit that you have to speak in a breathy little girl voice? Asking for adult women in this country.

Listening to Donald throw him under the bus Georgia Governor Brian Kemp must almost be wishing he hadn’t suppressed all those votes and just let Stacey Abrams rightfully win the 2018 race.

Amy Klobuchar on with Rachel Maddow Monday night said both North Dakota senators have come out saying they are not joining the coup.

That statement shouldn’t ever have to be written. The election is over and has been over for a long time. But good news.

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