Closing a closed door.

LSU says they will self-impose an NFL bowl ban this season over improper booster payments.

LSU is 3-5.

This is like any team 2 or more games under .500 (and not in the NFC East) saying they will self-impose a playoff ban.

After a dismal year, Stephen Curry says he looks forward to the Warriors’ opportunity to start “at ground zero again.”

And Sacramento Kings fans are just weeping.

What’s next in Georgia? Donald offers if they declare him the winner he’ll invite Falcons to the White House as 2017 Super Bowl champions?

All 50 states have now certified election results. Next step – Donald Trump attacks the deep state “Electoral College?

So maybe as USA faces close to over 300,000 empty chairs this Christmas due to COVID-19 we might acknowledge it was a bad idea to elect a President who loves and would miss NO one except himself.

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy still won’t accept the results of November election and declare Joe Biden President-elect.

So does that mean the handful of races in California where GOP beat Democratic incumbents don’t count either?

Kelly Loeffer is worth $1 billion David Perdue is worth $16 million. Both made millions w/ Senate insider trading

Wasn’t point of electing rich people that they were already wealthy so wouldn’t be tempted to enrich themselves in office?

So remember when Heather Heyer was killed & we had that brief moment of mostly national unity in understanding that there WEREN’T many fine people on both sides. Thinking now if someone gets killed over these election lies GOP will now unite to blame the victim.

Tonight, Katie Porter pointed out on “The Last Word” how Mitch McConnell won’t allow any relief if corporations aren’t protected from lawsuits or liability.

“It is not an epidemic of lawsuits, or liability… “Not only are corporations people to Mitch, they are the most important people.

Quote from Dec 9…. “continuing the count” would threaten “irreparable harm” to the President-elect “by casting a cloud upon legitimacy of his election.”

Not today. Not about Biden. Dec 9, 2000.

And the writer was Antonin Scala at the Supreme Court. Joe Biden won. Can we be done now?

Daily Mail headline “Trump claims he will ‘intervene’ in Texas AG’s Hail Mary Supreme Court bid to overturn election despite justices smacking down Republicans’ only other case – and ex-stripper Mellissa Carone is a star witness.” Even SNL is going “no, we’re good.”

Meanwhile, in Fox News world, after the obligatory Hunter Biden story, this headline “Not a Lone Star – These states move to suppress Texas’ bid to delay elector appointment.”

Uh, brings to mind my mother telling me, if a friend did something I wanted to do “If they were going to play jump off a cliff would you do it too?

Thinking if you REALLY wanted a War on Christmas, one blueprint would be to kill about 3,000 Americans a day, have almost 2 million a week get sick & keep many of the rest of us sequestered at home through the holidays. While crippling USPS as far as mailing gifts and cards.

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