Passing the buckeyes.

Well Michigan fans, in 2020 at least Jim Harbaugh won’t lose to Ohio State again. #smallmercies

And besides OSU-Michigan being cancelled, now the Indiana-Purdue game is iffy due to COVID-19 cases.

Somehow I missed recent White House tweets taking credit for Big Ten football.

So when this pandemic is over will NFL find a way to continue Tuesday Night Football?

Apparently Jenna Ellis has COVID-19 & per Axios attended “senior White House staff party last Friday where “People brought their families.” Considering super spreader events that have already happened isn’t bringing families to WH now grounds for charges of child endangerment?

So maybe Joe Biden could consider appointing Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson as Ambassador to Russia. Would put Ron closer to his boss Vlad, and Governor Evers could appoint a replacement who actually cares about Wisconsin.

Wait, Andrew Giuliani says “My dad has improved significantly over the last 48 hours and continues to get better.” I thought Rudy had very mild symptoms? Is there nothing they won’t lie about?

Roche CEO said today even with vaccines, “Demand for coronavirus tests will probably outstrip supply for a long time.” Wait, what happened to “Everyone who wants a test can get a test?”

Since “War on Christmas” is still a thing, your reminder that when packages and cards get delayed and/or go missing, Election “vote-by-mail” saboteur Louis DeJoy is the man who “fixed” the USPS this summer.

Nevada Supreme Court the latest to turn down Trump’s request to overturn the election. At this point why is Donald bothering with courts when his most servile sycophants are in Congress. Maybe Moscow Mitch would stop confirming judges long enough to call for a vote on election results?

Mitch McConnell when asked if he accepted Biden’s victory. “This has become a weekly ritual. Electoral college is going to meet on 14th & cast a vote & we’re going to have a swearing-in of the next president on the 20th of January.”

What’s Mitch’s excuse on the 14th going to be?

(And btw, Mitch, want to STOP the weekly ritual? Let’s make it simple. Three little words ” Joe Biden Won.”)

Joe Biden mispronounces his HHS choice Xavier Becerra’s name. Donald Trump still insists he won the election. Yeah, seems worthy of equivalent media coverage.

(And I live in California, I voted for Xavier Becerra, I’ve seen him speak live. I still don’t think I know how to pronounce his name.)

Donald’s Executive Order insists America must have 1st priority on all COVID vaccines.

Dude, when you wouldn’t commit to buy doses from Pfizer they sold to other countries.

It’s like refusing to put ring on your girlfriend’s finger & objecting at her wedding to someone else.

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One Comment on “Passing the buckeyes.”

  1. I just had a covid test this afternoon, due to experiencing mild symptoms for the last 48 hours. Absolutely free of charge! Oh, yeah….I’m Canadian. Health care and no Donny Trump!

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