Final score

Another back to back since I forgot to hit “publish” Sunday night.

So wait, the Washington NFL football team showed it was possible to have an upset win in Pennsylvania without threatening someone to change the score after the game was over?

WTF. As someone who has rooted against the Pittsburgh Steelers since I read the Ben Roethlisberger police report on his “alleged” rape years ago, I stopped paying attention to the game when they went up 14-0 on Washington.

Apparently so did the Steelers. (Washington came back and won 23-17)

Used to look on Monday for College Football Rankings. Now we look to see which games were postponed due to COVID-19. This week so far it’s Ole Miss-Texas A&M

ESPN reports, new NBA policies for 2020-21 regular season will have “significant flexibility to teams resting players in non-nationally televised games.” So does this mean non-televised games won’t count as much in the standings?

RIP Chuck Yeager, 97. But if ANYONE could be in heaven before the Devil knew he was dead…

Now former Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was suspended for a year indefinitely for orchestrating Saints “Bountygate” and accused with other teams of pushing players to injure opponents, yet Williams has had no problem getting employed regularly with four different teams since 2012.

But single-coverage in Hail Mary situation, THAT gets you fired in NFL

Velveeta Voldemort has a “Vaccine Summit” tomorrow and actual vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna have declined invitations. Because they couldn’t keep a straight face while listening to him take credit for all of it?

Why would representatives from Pfizer and Moderna want to attend Donald’s Vaccine Summit anyway? A summit that is likely to be another super spreader White House event. Would be like cancer researchers attending a meeting in a cigarette factory.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who will Joe Biden’s new “chief medical officer” said he doesn’t expect to play a dramatically different role than he is supposed to play under President Trump.

“Supposed to play.” Who knew Dr. Fauci had master troll potential?

Why is ANY Governor taking Donald Trump’s calls any more?

Donald was quoting Ken Starr about the mail-in rejection rate being “minuscule compared to what it used to be.” and that it meant “massive numbers of bad votes.”

Uh, Ken Starr was fired from Baylor for covering up sexual abuse while he wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars investigating Clinton over a consensual affair…. but you do you, Grandpa.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent armed goons in to raid the home of Rebekah Jones, a data scientist who challenged him on COVID-19 data. So is he angling early to be Velveeta Voldemort’s 2024 running mate?

Ooh, Rachel Maddow tonight just referred to Donald Trump as “Spiro Agnew’s spiritual doppelganger.” And I am SO here for it.

Don’t watch The View but Ana nails it “That empty podium projected more warmth & humanity than Kelly Loeffler. She sounded like programmed robot…like my alarm system when it tells me my door is ajar. She just repeated ‘left, radical, socialist.’”

I’m watching replays of Kelly Loeffler answering (or rather not answering) every single question in Sunday night Georgia Senate debate without her hair extensions so much as moving a millimeter & I never want to hear a joke about Amy Klobuchar’s bangs in the Democratic debates again.

We all knew that Donald would lie.

A loss makes him sulk, whine and cry

But GOP all being loath

To remember their Oaths.

Well that IS how democracies die.

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