Hail no… coverage?

NY Jets show that you need real talent to have a perfectly imperfect season. 46 yard winning TD pass for Raiders with 5 seconds left and it was a Hail Mary into single coverage.

On the other hand, how crazy was it? Unlike the NBA, NFL doesn’t have penalties for flopping, or tanking.

With his first two TD passes of his NFL career, New Orleans Saints QB Taysom Hill is now only 563 behind Drew Brees.

Ohio State is a 30 point favorite over Michigan next Saturday. At this point the Wolverines might be the only team in football secretly hoping for cancellations due to COVID 19 tests.

So basically GOP COVID-19 plan is – 99.9% of our rich leaders get the expensive antibody treatment so we can claim the virus is harmless.

The rest of you are dying to re-elect them.

Meanwhile, as CDC discusses travel risks…. So how many people did Rudy infect on his subverting democracy tour?

And wait, Rudy Giuliani’s COVID-19 diagnosis was reported by Velveeta Voldemort himself on Twitter. So add to the rest of his misdeeds can we add a HIPAA violation?

COVID death toll over 280,000. But I’m sure all those who have lost loved ones, or know someone in hospital, despite their best efforts, will be comforted to know Rudy Giuliani, who publicly ignored CDC guidelines, will get very best care money can buy at taxpayer expense

Jon Ossoff faced an empty podium today in a one-person “debate” after David Perdue refused to participate. GOP couldn’t even replace the coward with Clint Eastwood’s empty chair?

Wonder what it would have taken to get Perdue to show up… if someone promised him a couple good stock tips?

Gym Jordan tweets “Durham confirms what we already knew. James Comey’s FBI was out to get President Trump.”

Right, Comey torpedoes Hillary just before 2016 election so he can install Donald and then take him down? Makes perfect sense.

Kelly Loeffler in Georgia Senate Debate talked about growing up on a farm, and said she lived the American dream….

Loeffler financed her MBA by mortgaging land from her grandparents. Why didn’t all Americans who are now buried under student loan debt think of that?

Or did she mean the American Dream was growing up as a young girl to marry a billionaire?

I seriously am having Disney World flashbacks watching Kelly Loeffler “It’s a small minded world after all?”

Okay, Botox tonight is trending on Twitter and didn’t even have to click on it to know people are talking about Georgia Senate debate. But hey, we shouldn’t don’t care what Loeffler puts inside her face. We should care about her insider trading.

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