Keeping on…

Not watching college football because I don’t think they should be playing during this pandemic. But if we’re going to talk College Football Playoff contenders my money’s still on COVID-19.

(And besides, if anyone really wants to see top amateur talent, the Jaguars and Jets are playing Sunday early games.)

From ESPN after Alabama beat LSU 55-57 today – “The electricity went out at Alabama’s team hotel a half-hour before the pregame meal and coaches and players were forced to eat in the dark. “Stuff happens,” Saban said, “and everybody keeps on keeping on.”

Gosh, “forced to eat in the dark.” Does this qualify the Crimson Tide for a nomination for 2021′ ESPY “Arthur Ashe Courage Award?

So Hillary conspired with Russia to lose an election in 2016, and GOP Gov. Brian Kemp conspired with Stacey Abrams to have Trump lose Georgia in 2020. Are Republicans stupid, or do they think we are?

More Democrats condemned Bill Clinton for lying to cover up a consensual affair than Republicans are condemning Donald Trump for lying to subvert democracy.

Snarky but serious question: Wonder how many of Trump’s MAGA supporters at his vanity rallies would be able to get past the gates if they tried to visit Mar-A-Lago?

Not that he would ever do it, but if Hunter Biden became a partner in an expensive Washington, D.C. hotel and Democrats started having events at taxpayer expense there, GOP would be cool with that, right?

“Have a great Saturday evening — even if you’re not jetting off somewhere at taxpayer expense.” Republican National Committee May 2009 – when @BarackObama had audacity to take Michelle on a date night to NY.

But jetting off to Georgia, to subvert democracy, that’s ok. Got it.

If Georgia GOP Senate candidates were just toeing Republican line, they could campaign just on keeping Mitch McConnell as majority leader.

Instead, they campaign as supporters of a would be dictator.11337

So if GOP wants to cut cost of COVID relief bill, why don’t they suggest a compromise that eliminates funding for red states whose governors still don’t believe the virus is serious?

USA now reporting a third of the world’s new COVID-19 infections! Are we tired of winning yet?

Almost wish I had one of the My Pillow guy’s pillows so I could burn it.

South Dakota has officially now 1,091 Covid-related deaths. .123 of the state’s population, and over 85,000 cases, almost 10% of the state’s population

Just for comparison, those percentage numbers in California would be over almost 50,000 deaths and 3.8 million cases.

Lindsey Graham: “When I go to meet God at the pearly gates, I don’t think he’s going to ask me, ‘Why didn’t you convict Trump?'”

Think Lindsey isn’t reading his boarding pass correctly.

He’s not exactly a quick study. Took Gov. Brian Kemp until APRIL to say he learned COVID-19 could be transmitted by people who were asymptomatic. And even Kemp knows Biden won Georgia.

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had called Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and demanded he overturn his state’s results in the 2016 election.

The first time Mitch McConnell will publicly accept the election results will be when he vows to make Joe Biden a one term President.

Comedy writers need to mark January 23 on their calendars: It will be the first Saturday night in recent memory that if we’re looking for easy material we won’t just be able to look at the President’s tweets.

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