Running up the score.

As Donald keeps whining like a petulant child about Georgia recounts at least the Atlanta Falcons must be happy. Their blown 28-3 Super Bowl lead is no longer the state’s most embarrassing loss ever.

Over 50% of small businesses who applied didn’t get a PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady’s merchandise and supplements company – TB12- received over $960,000 from the Federal Government.

That must make business who were turned down feel as deflated as the Patriots’ balls.

From Marc Ragovin “The Cubs have cut ties with Kyle Schwarber. I should have known his stock was falling when David Purdue placed a massive sell order the other day”

Unclear on the concept – latest Safeway ad has a $5 discount coupon for party trays.

California certification Friday puts Joe Biden officially over the top on electoral votes.

Of course, Trump team could challenge I suppose, Donald only lost the state by over FIVE million votes.)

Meanwhile an anti-lockdown protestor in California said I’d rather ‘put a bullet in my head’ than take COVID vaccine – Well, at least that way he wouldn’t spread the virus:

Florida Governor Ron De Santis yesterday attacked the “crazy rulings” of Chief Justice John Roberts…. Yes, GOP has gone that far off the rails.

Since neither Senator David Perdue nor Senator Kelly Loeffler will neither publicly confirm Biden won Georgia, nor agree with GOP election officials who are ALSO officiating the runoff, why are they bothering to tell Republicans to vote? Asking for a country that is tired of this crap.

So is there an inventory on thing like White House silver and other valuables?

Asking for a country that might want to hire security to check a certain family on the way out like they check your receipt and carts at Costco?

Open note to GOP Senators and Governors. Donald is calling his longtime sycophant Georgia Governor Brian Kemp a “moron” & a “nut job.” It’s only a matter of time until he turns on you too. So why not abandon ship now with the shreds of your dignity you have remaining?

In many ways, reports of GOP leaders quietly telling Joe Biden they know he’s won is worse than them believing Donald. Because they’re letting millions of Americans be permanently gaslighted so they don’t get mean tweets from Velveeta Voldemort.

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