So so much winning.

Biden’s doing more winning in Wisconsin than the Badgers last time they made it to the Rose Bowl.

MSNBC Election analyst Steve Kornacki, wearing khakis of course, will appear before kickoff on Sunday Night Football to discuss the NFL playoff picture with all possible scenarios.

Who’s playing Sunday night? Who cares? For the first time, millions of Americans will turn in just for the pre-game show.

Between 1983 and 1988, Columbia Lions Football team set what was then a NCAA record by losing 44 in a row. Trump’s legal team is well on their way to surpassing that streak!

Remember how many in GOP called Al Gore a sore loser for not conceding for a month when it actually was a legitimately contested election?

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, who has refused a mask mandate, declared Thursday a “day of prayer and fasting” for those affected by the pandemic. Talk about sending your constituents up Stitt’s Creek….

Often I want to say the cure to our problems is just to put more women in charge. And then I read something from Marsha Blackburn….

Lou Holtz, 83, received the Presidential Medal of Honor today, saying he was proud “to receive it from President Donald Trump & adding Trump was the “greatest president in my lifetime.” Sad, didn’t realize Holtz was suffering from dementia.

Media having fun justifiably calling out Democratic politicians who call for COVID-19 restrictions & then break their own rules as hypocrites. But how about doing same for Republicans who act like COVID-19 is no big deal, then when sick all get expensive experimental treatment?

So when Joe Biden said he will call for the nation to wear masks for 100 days were David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler upset they didn’t get advance notice to buy stock in mask companies?

Imagine if USA had a leader “New Zealand has lifted all social & economic restrictions except border controls after declaring this week it was free of COVID-19. “While the job is not done, there is no denying this is a milestone…Thank you, New Zealand,” PM Jacinda Ardern

Remember when a really bad day for USA was 1,000 COVID deaths in 24 hours. Like, last month?

How long until we look back at “only 2,000” dead as “the good old days?” I still think Scott Atlas resigned so Donald can preemptively pardon him of manslaughter charges?

NY Times reports Georgia Senator David Perdue has made *2,596 stock trades* in his one term as Senator, which “brings about serious ethics questions.”

2,596 stock trades in ONE term. How many Americans have made 2,596 stock trades in their lives????

GOP AZ Gov. Doug Ducey confirmed that he heard the “Hail to the Chief” ringtone & knew it was White House calling, but ignored phone call during a press conference to certify state’s vote for Joe Biden. Face it Donny, he’s just not that into you.

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