Risk reward…

Coach K has decided that Duke won’t play any more non-conference basketball games this season due to COVID. (And the Blue Devils HAVE lost two nonconference games.)

Meanwhile Alabama’s men’s basketball coach Nate Coats – “Humans, they’re not made to sit alone in isolation for weeks on end. We have to be careful on how we do life, but we still have to do life.”

Or do death as the case may be?

The “SF” 49ers are playing a “home” game in Glendale, AZ on Sunday. against “The Washington Football Team.”

So, Phoenix is only an hour flight from SF. Will NFL and Fox still show pictures of San Francisco Sunday during 49ers game in Arizona? It usually takes longer than an hour to drive to SF from Santa Clara.

Drew Brees probably won’t play Sunday. But three weeks after eleven broken ribs and a collapsed lung Brees, 41, was at a New Orleans Saints practice. In case you’re feeling like it’s hard to get up and get moving these days.

It’s not just that Giuliani, Carson and Christie get lifesaving antibody cocktails most of us can’t. It’s that the three of them getting the drugs means three other people with severe COVID-19 may have died because they couldn’t get those doses.

Remember when we thought “Election” involving Tracy Flick at Carver High was as twisted a plot line as we could imagine?

CNN now reports “106 House Republicans support Trump’s lawsuit to invalidate millions of votes.” So would they all like to resign their seats since they were themselves re-elected in November?

I understand that certain professions, like police or firefighter, carry with them an assumed risk of personal danger. Election official should not not be one of those professions.

So if Newsmax is the Fox substitute and Parler is the Twitter substitute, who is Donald going to say gave him the REAL Person of the Year award?

Many are calling Loeffler and Perdue the “Bonnie and Clyde” of corruption. But that doesn’t seem fair “Bonnie and Clyde” just robbed banks. Not our country.

Now that the Hunter Biden investigation is back what’s next? Trump and GOP somehow trying to convince us Santa and his reindeer are an immigrant caravan?

So when are we going to find out priority on the COVID-19 vaccine list for the first month will be linked to whether or not a state joined Trump’s fraudulent suit. Asking for a country that is really tired of this crap.

So will someone explain to me how letting millions of Americans go hungry and worry about being evicted in December isn’t a REAL war on Christmas?

“Texas is the national laboratory for bad government.” I might have to post one of her quotes every day for the rest of the year – . Damn I miss Molly Ivins.

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