Any given players?

Broncos safety Kareem Johnson said Denver quarterbacks made mistake by not following NFL COVID-19 protocols, but complained league had them play Sunday with no QB as an example to other teams. Uh, 13 million US cases, 250,000 dead…

Cue “You’re G*d D*mned” right we did” response from NFL.

Keen observation written on ESPN website today. “NFL football is exceedingly difficult to play without any quarterbacks.”

As a Saints fan happy with any win but relieved. Only thing worse than being a punchline because all your QBs took their masks off would be being a punchline because you LOST to a team with no QBs.

Wow, Tom Brady actually shook hands with Patrick Mahomes after the Bucs loss. And he did acknowledge hands with Drew Brees earlier in the season. So Brady figures sportsmanship only applies when you lose to a HOF QB?

Florida State just had 3rd game in row canceled due to COVID-19 cases. So Duke Blue Devils instead will play Miami on Sat. Hurricanes haven’t played since Nov 14 due to their own cases & Governor Ron DeSantis has no COVID restrictions in FL. Odds on this game happening?

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan is upset team didn’t get advance notice of Santa Clara County new restrictions on sports, travel etc. “It was just extremely disappointing,”

So well-paid coach of well-paid players who are tested daily is whining about inconvenience. Thoughts & prayers.

How many members of White House Press Pool were popping champagne today at the thought of briefings from an actual human who doesn’t insult them or their intelligence. #JenniferPsaki

I have a joke about postmaster Louis Dejoy but I couldn’t deliver it.

So, do you think the folks at Parler know that Parler is a French word? Asking for a friend who wonders if taking a foreign language in school makes her “elitist?”

Meanwhile Ted Cruz tweeted out “Today’s Dems are the party of the rich. GOP is and should be the party of the working class.”

Your reminder, Ted is worth almost $4 million and his wife is a managing director at Goldman Sachs.

Wash Post reports GOP “trying to make anti-elitist case against Biden’s (Cabinet) team of educated, experienced officials w/ backgrounds in govt & international diplomacy.” Okay then, next time they need doctors GOP should all find folks from bottom of their class in med school.

Suppose in some ways GOP complaining about Biden’s elite team makes sense – these days they can’t even find halfway competent lawyers. Jealousy is a powerful drug.

We now know much more about Joe Biden’s sprained ankle and hairline foot fractures playing with his dog on the same day it happened than we have ever learned about Donald Trump’s mystery visit to Walter Reed last year.

President-elect Joe Biden gave us real-time honest updates about his minor injury playing with Major on Sunday. And no doubt the updates will continue. Meanwhile we still don’t know when Donald’s last COVID-19 test was before the 1st debate.

Well, President-elect Joe Biden now will have a lot more opportunity to sit with his new cat on his lap.

Donald said on Thanksgiving that he was “probably going on Saturday” to campaign for “two great senators from Georgia.” It’s now Monday morning. Trump’s only been to Camp David & to golf (three times.)

So another lie, or even Loeffler & Perdue don’t want to be seen with him?

Velveeta Voldemort is never going to change. What we need in 2021 for our country to change is the media to stop paying nonstop attention to him.

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2 Comments on “Any given players?”

  1. mnwine Says:

    I agree we need to move on – the Media, including you, needs to stop paying attention to him. It is easy humor BUT we are so OVER Orangina. Love your post.


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