Under center?

So okay, fine, the Broncos are playing without a QB this week. Some Bears fans think their team has done it all year.

Baltimore Ravens now have 18 players on reserve/COVID-19 list. As ESPN says, “causing some to whether they can field a competitive team for Tuesday’s game against the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers” “Like that’s stopped us from playing” responded the NY Jets.

Nancy Armour of USA Today complaining Broncos QB fiasco will unfairly help New Orleans w/ potential playoff bye & “if Saints win, 2nd Super Bowl title will always be seen as something of a sham.” As opposed to sham refereeing that kept Saints out of 2019 Super Bowl?

Fox News Headline “5,000 Alabama students haven’t shown up for any sort of class.” So is this related to COVID-19 or are they all pretending to be football players?

Would some reporter please ask Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue on camera what they think of the President they both support pledging to veto a defense spending bill over renaming bases named for Confederate Army leaders?

CNN reporting that Biden will get his first Presidential Daily Briefing on Monday. Which means for the first time in almost four years, a President will READ his daily briefing.

It’s not enough taxpayers paying for Trump crime family to spend weekend at Camp David AND Thanksgiving we paid for them to stay while daddy remained in White House. Today we paid for Donald to use Marine One to fly back & forth to play golf. But we can’t afford COVID relief.

Actually it gets worse. It’s not just Velveeta Voldemort made two sets of staff & Secret Service work at taxpayer expense this holiday weekend while Donald started at WH with family at Camp David. But Melania is somewhere else now. So that’s THREE sets of Secret Service agents.

Nice thought for the night: Not only is Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who as Sec of State, used voter suppression to beat Stacey Abrams, up for re-election in 2022 -, but also current GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, while partisan, seems disinclined to cheat just to elect Republicans.

So let’s get to the important question of the day – when are we going to see the Biden’s new cat?

So with all the jobs that will be open in the Biden administration where does one go to apply to manage the Twitter account for their new cat?

As Joe and Jill Biden prepare to move into White House, the residence’s population will soon increase by two dogs, one cat and two humans.

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