A conference leader with no name.

The Washington Football Team is 4-7 and has designs on the playoffs. Well, they’re having a better year than Trump.

My father, who passed away this year, was big Redskins fan who enjoyed complaining about team as much as anything.

Can’t decide if he’d have enjoyed today’s game. Or if he’d just be bitching about “PC” name change & how badly the now NFC East leading team will lose in playoffs.

Now USC vs Colorado canceled, along with Oklahoma vs West Virginia. And Alabama coach Nick Saban has tested positive, again. Wouldn’t it be simpler to write “COVID-19” on the College Football 2020 Trophy and be done with it?

Yeah, 2020 is tough. But here’s something to be very thankful for: Over 80 million people went to the polls and voted for Joe Biden. So next Thanksgiving we won’t have a President who is a whiny little b*tch.

Another thankful thought. Out here in deep blue California, from 1952 until Bill Clinton won in 1992, state voted GOP in Presidential elections except for LBJ. We haven’t looked back since. Two Blue Senators now too.. Thinking Texas & Georgia are on their way to following us.

How much of a gap will we have between Mitch McConnell acknowledging that Joe Biden will be our next President, and McConnell’s vow to try to make Biden a one-term President?

Dibs on – “less than an hour” in the pool.

Speaking of pools… So which member of Trump White House privately sold off the pardoned turkeys Corn and Cob to a local restaurant or club and pocketed the proceeds?

So Injustice Amy Coney Barrett’s first decision on #SCOTUS is to strike down emergency COVID-19 orders on church congregation limits. Then when people get sick & are lucky enough to recover, next she’ll vote to deny healthcare for those with COVID-19 as a pre-existing condition.

So Amy Coney Barrett was deciding vote against COVID-19 congregation limits in churches: Question of the night. If an omnipotent God sees you praying in church on Sunday, why can’t She/He see you praying safely at home every day?

If you’re still thinking of people to give thanks to late on Thanksgiving night – how about all the poor White House staff who had to work on the holiday because Velveeta Voldemort was too ashamed to show his face at Mar-A-Lago?

Something else to be thankful for. In about 54 days we can all go to sleep at night without waking up thinking “Now WTF did POTUS tweet?

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