Out of order.

Forgot to hit “publish”

And now Ravens-Steelers postponed again. Stay tuned.

Ravens-Steelers, only NFL game between teams over .500, has been postponed from Thanksgiving night to Sunday over COVID-19 cases w/ Baltimore. Health of course a priority, but how many were counting on excuse to end Thanksgiving Zoom calls saying “Sorry, got to watch the game?”

RIP Diego Maradona, 60. Have to think, for many Americans, he was the only soccer player they could name.

So here we go. Supreme Court tonight on 5-4 vote blocks NY Gov. Cuomo from reimposing strict capacity caps on Catholic churches and synagogues that sued. And of course Amy Barrett joins conservative wing in majority; Roberts actually dissented.

So silver lining – no caps on friends and loved ones at funerals?

Can we start referred to her as Injustice Amy Coney Barrett?

For those who allege bias, CNN reminds us, after an interview with Jon Ossoff that they regularly ask Senator David Perdue to appear as well. But he says no.

Thinking if you’re proud of your record you don’t hide from talking about it. Period.

Did not realize until tonight Lawrence O’Donnell was a producer and writer on “The West Wing,” and that he actually wrote 16 episodes. A show many of us are so thankful for…. and I wonder how many millions of Americans have watched old episodes to get through 2020.

Today’s Senate GOP in a nutshell: Crickets on Trump pardoning Michael Flynn, a man who is not only a criminal but an admitted traitor to our country. But they’re already making noises about wasting taxpayer $$$ yet again on Hunter Biden.

Donald Trump, Ben Carson & Chris Christie got lifesaving drugs most Americans can’t. On top of elitism – if these COVIDiots hadn’t gotten sick flaunting safety measures w/ unmasked events, perhaps those drugs could have gone to essential frontline workers.

With Rudy Giuliani in Gettysburg Wednesday can we call the hair dye racing down his head last week “Pigment’s Charge?”

Again for the people in the back, Barack Obama issued 1715 commutations and 212 pardons.

Not a single one was for a member of his administration.

President-Elect Joe Biden delivers a heartwarming tear-jerking speech for Thanksgiving. And Velveeta Voldemort pardons a well-deservedly convicted felon. Very on brand for them both.

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