Not to be played later?

Now it’s UW-Minnesota canceled, as the Golden Gophers have had at LEAST 15 positive tests in last five days. At this point Wisconsin will have had as many games canceled due to COVID-19 as they have played. But remind me again what a good idea it was to play Big Ten football?

And so at this point might only thing be saving NY Jets from 0-16 be a COVID cancellation?

How much do I love when a UN Ambassador (nominee) talks about gumbo diplomacy and uses the word “lagniappe” Is it too much to ask that Linda Thomas-Greenfield be also a Saints fan? #WhoDat

Mitch McConnell has still not acknowledged President-Elect Joe Biden’s win, or in fact much of anything at all about election. Or for that matter anything about COVID-19 relief. Basically all Mitch’s sentences now are “A noun, a verb and a right-wing judge.”

Joe Biden said in an interview “This is not a third Obama term.” I believe him. But most Americans wouldn’t mind if it was.

Marco Rubio, who at one-time was a promising young GOP Senator, is whining about Joe Biden’s cabinet picks. I think anyone who has been a Trump sycophant for four years forfeits all right to say “I support American greatness.”

Anyone else beside me not give a flying fig newton about what any Republican says now about Biden transition etc if they have refused to speak up since November 4?

So now that Dr. Fauci has said he’s begun talking to Joe Biden’s team, anyone want to venture a guess as to his first words? I’ll start “Thank God!”

Anyone who has only been studying US politics for four years has to be puzzled by today’s Joe Biden’s initial cabinet rollout. “Which of them is related to Biden?”

Not sure where Trump will be heading after he leaves White House, but on January 20th when we take down his picture in post offices and replace it with Joe Biden’s, will we end up moving Donald’s picture to the FBI’s “America’s Most Wanted?”

Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. First responders, healthcare & grocery workers etc will face an insane Wednesday. But millions of Americans who still have jobs will be fortunate enough to have one of those workdays where they just have to pretend to look busy. Kind of like our current POTUS.

When he’s right he’s right, ..

Donald actually tweeted “GSA does not determine who the next President of the United States will be.”

He’s right. Voters do.

They did.

It’s Joe Biden.

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