Nailed it?

If you didn’t already love Drew Brees, this from interview where Saints QB talked about about what he hopes will be a return in few weeks from 11 (!) broken ribs & a collapsed lung. My “kids can’t jump on me like they usually do….But I can still play Barbies and paint fingernails with my daughter.” #WhoDat

Headline: “NFL to require players to wear masks on sideline.”

Real headline: “NFL getting nervous about playoffs.”

Democrats who wonder how party will ever unify enough to govern should look at sports world. Where we fans regularly come together w/ rivals for common goal – for example, this Saints fan was cheering for Rams (ugh) to beat Tom Brady & New Orleans division rival the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Monday. All about priorities.

Spare me. Fox News is attacking the “intolerant left” with headline “Graham hug backlash means Feinstein won’t seek top committee spot.” Uh, reason Dianne Feinstein is stepping down as Judiciary chair is not one hug. She is 87 1/2 yrs old. And it’s time.

So the city of Pasadena is defying LA County’s health order by keeping outdoor dining open. Will Pasadena also set up outdoor clinics to take care of diners, friends and families, who get COVID-19?

As much as I’d love to see Katie Porter in a Biden Administration hate idea of giving up the raw terror she inspires in wrongdoers with her questioning and her white board.

Limerick time:

Four years filled with lies grift and greed.

Then a Trump coup that didn’t succeed.

Despite rules being flounted

The votes all got counted.

So Donald, it’s time to CONCEDE.

Now that GSA has acknowledged reality and that the transition can begin, is Emily Murphy expecting her participation trophy?

So which of Trump sycophants who still won’t acknowledge Joe as “President-Elect” will be the first to demand that President Biden compromise with Republicans in Congress?

John Kerry to be Joe Biden’s climate czar. No doubt the former Senator and then Secretary of State will be very good. But your reminder, after 2004 no one told Kerry to “go home and knit.”

Does anyone think Donald has ever conceded a loss in ANYTHING?

And how many MORE times will Donald have to be told that he lost between now and January 20?

How will we know when Mitch McConnell has accepted that Joe Biden is President-elect? When Mitch issues a statement saying his top goal is to make Joe Biden a one-term President.

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