Going down.

If the basketball gods wanted to punish the #Warriors for hubris, seems like they could have picked on someone other than Klay Thompson, who seems to be one of the nicer guys in the NBA. Wishing him the best.

And on a lighter note this ESPN headline – “New York Knicks create $40M in cap space by parting ways with six players.”

Is this the modern day NBA equivalent of moving deck chairs on the Titanic?

-Watching networks covering Rudy Giuliani press conferences is increasingly like watching sports programs only showing NASCAR wrecks.

I don’t EVER want to hear anyone call Hillary Clinton a sore loser ever again.

Rudy Giuliani’s press conference Thursday included the most embarrassing hair product fail since “There’s Something about Mary.”

In all seriousness, if you were going to look for voter fraud seems like a likely place to look would be wealthy people who really live elsewhere but who register using what is clearly a second home in Florida.

It’s not just that we’re now losing more than half the number of Americans who died on 9-11 every day. It’s as if an American President, after 9-11, said to ignore any future airport security and anti-terrorist measures because terrorism’s “going to disappear.”

Btw, while it’s a tough competition, if you have any questions as to who might be the most delusional and dangerous members of Congress, just go on Twitter, and watch who Donald retweets.

If Democrats were as evil and all powerful as Trump team now wants to pretend we are, don’t you think we’d have managed to change enough votes to get rid of Mitch McConnell? Or at least changed votes in enough Senate races to take his gavel?

How did Trump lawyer Sidney Powell ever pass the bar? Asking for an incredulous country.

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