Positively tested.

Raiders now have 11 players on the reserve/COVID-19 list as they prepare to host Kansas City Chiefs Sunday. So what happens in Vegas stays off the field in Vegas?

As Texas COVID-19 cases sky rocket. While I know this Gregg has no interest in running for office, but how wonderful would it be for the state, and the country overall, if the state could replace Greg Abbott as Governor with Gregg Popovich.

NFL says they are investigating Antonio Brown’s allegedly destroying surveillance camera & throwing bike at a security-guard shack in Florida, 2 weeks before Bucs signed him. Well, not like Tom Brady’s new hand-picked WR did anything really bad like wear his socks too low.

Has it occurred to COVIDiots that even a 100% effective vaccine won’t do much good if they are like, you know… dead?

This just for my Harry Potter fan friends and readers – When is Velveeta Voldemort going to run out of horcruxes?

Mary Trump makes a great point tonight on CNN. Donald will not go to Mar-A-Lago, not because he’s doing anything important in the White House, but because he cannot bear club members sympathetically treating him like the loser after he did indeed lose.

Jon Ossoff talking about David Perdue’s refusal to debate him: “He seems to be having some issues with self-confidence.”

Amazed Ossoff didn’t add “Bless his heart.”

Does GSA’s Emily Murphy realize whatever she’s being promised, Donald Trump will disavow her as soon as he has no more use for her?

And, I am generally against being catty on appearances, but Emily doesn’t have the looks for Fox News.

If Emily Murphy is having a breakdown seems like a simple solution would be to just sign the transition papers for President-elect Joe Biden and take some time off. You’re welcome.

Considering how many people were apparently infected at Donald’s super spreaders rallies, if we’re worried about dead people voting maybe we should check obituaries for MAGA types who voted absentee before they got sick?

Kayleigh McEnany attacked health experts saying Americans shouldn’t gather in large groups on Thanksgiving. “We don’t lose our freedom in this country. We make responsible health decisions as individuals.” Love to see Kayleigh try that on cop pulling her over after a few drinks

Since media seems obsessed with the need to cover several tweets a day from POTUS, is there a place I can apply for a job to help President-Elect Joe Biden by regularly tweeting out pictures of cats and kittens under his Twitter handle?

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