Wrong directions.

COVID-19 is spiking so badly in US families are being told not to gather for Thanksgiving.

But college football, which has no bubbles, still focused full-steam ahead towards playoffs. Maybe it’s not just the players but NCAA powers-that-be we should be checking for concussions.

Donald is now something like 1-25 in court decisions on the election.

Even the NY Jets are thinking “that’s pathetic.”


Remember when we worried we might hit 250,000 US Covid deaths by Thanksgiving? We’re going to hit that number by this weekend. #TrumpVirus

On David Perdue Twitter bio he calls himself “Conservative #outsider working to change Washington.” Uh, “outsider?” David Perdue has been in the Senate over SIX YEARS.

Meanwhile, Kelly Loeffler, worth $500 million, needed to steal millions by insider trading as much as Winona Ryder (google it, kids) needed to steal $5,000 worth of clothes from Saks.

At least Ryder got fined, 480 hrs of community service & 3 years supervised probation.

Yesterday Ted Cruz called Sherrod Brown a “complete ass” for wearing a mask while speaking on Senate floor & called it a sign of fake virtue. Today, Chuck Grassley, 87, went into quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure. How much did I want Amy Klobuchar to follow Ted Cruz today in the judiciary?

Amy Klobuchar tonight though on “The Last Word” points out one of Chris Krebs’ responsibilities was protecting the power grid…. What could possibly go wrong?

Also Amy tonight “Every single day is a stress test on our Democracy.” Kind of sums it all up lately.

Meanwhile, Chris Cuomo just referred to “a President lying his ass off” and I am so here for it.

Now Lindsey Graham says he’s spoken with multiple battleground state officials about ballot counting. Uh, Senator Graham, when accused of a crime, the way to protest your innocence is not to confess to MORE crimes. Sincerely, America.

Can we imagine if ANY Democratic Senator had called multiple Secretaries of State on behalf of Joe Biden? GOP would have Judiciary hearings by end of day. Chaired by Lindsay Graham.

Another reason to vote Jon Ossoff and Reverend Warnock: Electing them both would take the gavel as chair of the Senate Judiciary committee from Lindsey Graham.

Gosh, as pro-Republican as Fox News usually is, for some reason you have to search way down on their website to find anything on Chuck Grassley, 87, testing positive for COVID-19. Not even “thoughts and prayers.”

Apparently Velveeta Voldemort has canceled Thanksgiving plans for Mar-A-Lago. Perhaps he really IS afraid someone will change the White House locks?

Watching last weekend’s Trump MAGA rally in DC on “The Daily Show.”

Why are so many of these people who are convinced they and their leader are superior beings their own best evidence to the contrary?

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