As hard core sports fan I still won’t watch 2020 college football.

But heard there was some controversy at end of Purdue-Minnesota game over an Offensive Pass Interference call. Shouldn’t bigger controversy as COVID-19 cases spike be about Big Ten football being played at all?

And anyone got BINGO with NCAA Football cancellations this week yet?

Just on Friday, the Saturday games for Washington State-Stanford and Cincinnati-Tulsa have been canceled.

Donald gave up on Fox News Friday and RTed just OANN.

OANN has won ZERO Emmys. Just saying.

Might be waiting a while, but I’m planning a big virtual hug for the first Republican who tells Donald Trump it’s time to go home and knit.

Gov. Brian Kemp did everything Trump wanted him to do w/ COVID-19 but when Georgia’s numbers spiked Donald threw Brian under bus.

Today Kemp certified election results, but said Trump could call for another full hand recount. When will they ever learn? #StockholmSyndrome?

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem says she thinks state has done a great job. Right. Like until the night of April 14 the Titanic WAS actually breaking the transatlantic speed record.

And despite a 51% positivity rate, Governor Kristi Noem actually tweeted this “In South Dakota, we won’t stop or discourage you from thanking God and spending time together this Thanksgiving.” At this point I’d chip in for Minnesota building a wall or something.

Trump fans at a Mike Pence rally for Loeffler and Purdue chanting “Four more years.” Well, four more years added to Trump’s future prison sentence would work for me.

Just heard that Florida Senator Rick Scott has COVID-19. It would be really wrong to say I hope he’s had an in-person meeting recently with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. So I won’t say it.

Kayleigh McEnany called CNN’s Kaitlin Collins an “activist.” Not sure how many know this but Kaitlin started as a reporter for very right wing and not well regarded ‘The Daily Caller.”

Collins has become a very respected professional. Something McEnany will never be.

People call Joe Biden old. But hey, our President-Elect turned FIVE on the day Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip. (November 20, 1947.)

Going to be really nice during Joe Biden administration when CNN doesn’t have “Breaking News” every half hour.

While we’re throwing around allegations of voter fraud, not sure how many days Donald Trump has spent in Florida this year but pretty sure it’s not enough to qualify for legal residence.

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