Taking sides.

When 2020 Big Ten football was canceled, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh issued a #WeWanttoPlay statement quoting President Teddy Roosevelt – , we do this “so our place will not be among cold & timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

Wolverines are now 1-3

So mean bitch karma sided w/ cold, timid & alive souls?

ESPN reports Tampa Bay Buccaneers’s team plane landed in Charlotte tonight after over 7 hour mechanical delay. So maybe mean bitch karma doesn’t think a 38-3 loss to Saints on Sunday Night Football was sufficient payback for signing accused rapist Antonio Brown?

Well, a small sign of normalcy in 2020. Here’s the ESPN headline “Tiger Woods fades with third-round 72, falls out of contention at Masters.”

So did Donald mean 15 MILLION cases down to 0?

In all seriousness, considering that most of the people who showed up for MAGA rally in Washington DC ignore all recommended health protocols, how much extra cleaning do hotels they stayed in need to do after checkout?

So Kayleigh McEnany claims a million people showed up to march for Donald Trump. Even Sean Spicer is going “girl, give it up.”

As many Americans face a Thanksgiving without loved ones Trump has to be facing a quandry.

Much as he wants to flaunt mask and social distancing mandates, does anyone think Donald actually HAS loved ones?

Must admit, one thing that almost always puts a smile on my face in 2020 is the increasing vitriol from Velveeta Voldemort aimed towards his formerly beloved Fox News. Face it Donald, even Rupert Murdoch’s now not just not that into you.

They call thousands at a march “millions”. They call an over 5,000,000 vote margin a “close election.” Beginning to think math is not Trump supporters’ strong point.

Reports that Trump plans to start his own social media company to rival Twitter. Bye Felicia.

About one of those Georgia runoffs:

Martha Stewart used insider knowledge to sell stock & avoid loss of about $45,000. She went to prison over lying about it.

Kelly Loeffler used insider knowledge to sell stock & avoid losses of MILLIONS of $$$. She belongs in prison, not in the Senate.

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