Game sort of on…

Cal and UCLA, who both had games cancelled Saturday against other opponents due to COVID-19, now will play each other Sunday at the Rose Bowl.

Pac-12 statement “The scheduling of this game is consistent with the Conference’s commitment to provide opportunities for student-athletes through maximum scheduling flexibility while still prioritizing health and safety,”

Right. The game will be televi$ed on Fox $port$ 1. $$$$$

Despite no findings of any vote counts that were wrong, Lou Dobbs on Fox Friday suggested Republicans should just say “we’re not going to accept the results of this election”

And here we hardcore Saints fans were mocked for simply not wanting to accept the results of a clearly wrong call in a football game.

Miami Marlins are hiring Kim Ng as their new GM.

A woman GM in MLB – a woman elected VP. Well, 2020 isn’t a complete write-off.

Last night Senator-Elect Tuberville told supporters his father fought in WWII to take part in “liberating Paris from socialism & communism.” If Doug Jones spends next 2 yrs coaching college football will Alabama consider voting him back in over Shelby in 2022?

Sadly ironic that the man who is so obsessed with his legacy and not being a “one-term President,” forgets that one of the greatest human beings of our time is also a one-term President – Jimmy Carter.

And someone pointed out on Twitter, Jimmy Carter has lived to see Georgia turn Blue again.

I’m really really glad that no one asked Joe Biden on camera what he thought about Trump putting Rudy Giuliani in charge of his campaign lawsuits.

Joe is good, and almost always acts Presidential, but few mortals in that situation could keep a straight face.

At this point, do we think Trump would concede even if Joe Biden had a 10 million vote lead and 400 electoral votes?

While we’re talking vaccines, your reminder that if we elect Jon Ossoff & Reverend Warnock in Georgia, we’ll turn the Senate Blue and give USA much needed at least two years of immunity from Mitch McConnell blocking lifesaving legislation.

When however many maskless COVIDiots show up in DC tomorrow for Donald’s MAGA march, hoping restaurants in DC, even those open for limited service, put up signs – “No masks No sense. No Service.”

As COVID-19 case counts in US hurtle towards 200,000 a day and we’re on target for 300,000 deaths by Christmas, isn’t it comforting to know POTUS is focused and up past midnight tweeting about…. imagined election grievances?

Today Donald singled out New York for withholding a possible COVID-19 vaccine. I can’t be the only one who thinks Velveeta Voldemort will try to delay vaccine supplies to all blue states as long as he can….

If Donald Trump had spent a fraction of the effort fighting COVID-19 as he has spent fighting what he perceives as bad press we might have ACTUALLY turned the corner by now.

Kayleigh McEnany today said she thinks Donald Trump will attend his own inauguration in January. Who’d a thunk we’d miss Sean Spicer?

Ok, starting up the countdown clock again. Now about 67 days and some number of hours. Until Velveeta Voldemort oozes out of the White House permanently.

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